Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Upon total failure, Putinski team now into false memories in people's minds made in Germany - what screwed Putin in this case memories are factual and not erased successfully enough via electroshocks his team implemented

Private Putin's media outlet Russia today(lets call it a day after) reports everything you need to know about false memories - how they are created and how they are erased(Putin knows a lot about erased - Putin learned to use electroshocks and on how to brainwash people a lot during his KGB career). The newest news 

Bye the way - as a EU member state or as a non EU member state, I do sue Germany for collaboration in war against Ukraine lets say...actually you don't have the right to purchase oil and other products from a country which violates and threatens with safety violation to other countries in area - is actually actively engaging in acts of war against them.

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