Saturday, March 6, 2021

@Russian people(friends) who know me in Russia

 Please stay out of troubles with Putin and let this case be handled by our countries as it hurts you in process only. You are the most valuable there is in Russia to Russia.

There is NO Navalny and there is no Putin as crazy as it may sound to you all. Putin and Navalny are one. 

My case just as your lives depend on politicians we have elected in our countries(even more so on proofs about my case which are abundant and in hands of people - with leak of these proofs, politicians you see will become the thing of the past withing days as there will be a cleanup unlike any other before) which, however, have capacity/ability to regulate Russian state which is pushing forward Putin/Navalny controversy. Its our politicians who need to pressure your state to the degree one returns back to what one used to be - for you and all of us.

Getting in Russia on the way of tank threads in GLOBAL situation to which we witness is a waste of breath. 

Don't - not alone and enough as one concerns also others even more than yourself(even N. American continent not only Africa/Asia/ S. America and us in Europe - they got hard wake-up call to reality from what was a total dream for them in the past).

Is very hard for me to explain this as situation as is controversial as it gets(I know I sound tough perhaps at times even angry villain - I must be to demonstrate OUR expectations vs corrupt political interests which violent politicians are pushing into our everyday - trust me, I have no choice), but know you matter to me a whole a lot. When all this ends(and it will because our politicians won't be capable to lie for eternity their time is running out), I want to meet with you again and start something positive for all of us. I pray for you too.

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