Thursday, March 25, 2021

Navalny's health now shrinking rapidly - he told me case will be if I won't side with one

 I really don't care abut either of the two options as both are the same. Russia has a lots lots of smart people(young intelligent ambitious people) and I learned to not stick nose where there is NONE OF MY BUSINESS other than whatever concerns me directly

Those who settled for Russian bajkas(don't remember any who would ever receive apologies from Russian state) became a living curse for humanity incl. nations of their own. 

Navalny conditioned me as per foreign influence will be in case I wouldn't favor one which he supported one with failure paranoia - everything I would do/write about if only mentioning Merkel that would result in Putin's higher and higher ratings and influence from abroad blah blah blah(its what he went to Germany on a first place(to get me there per Putin) was impossible(even as drugged up as I was) not to see since 2012 that Navalny and Putin had totally coordinated(two are a mirror of one another) mutual goals.

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