Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Beginning 2013, Novo mesto police investigators fed me with up to 10 B Complex pills per day and same was with calcium supplements which, however, contained also D vitamins

The issue opened during MK Ultra as per is amount of calcium pushed down my throat was okay for me since one also involved D vitamin. 

Lymphoma during MK Ultra utterly hurt(repeatedly had pain throughout front chest not to mentioned pain in area of left arm and under - gland nodes), but one was developed through poisoning of kidneys and rope tied around my waist/upper body area to which backpacks at times loaded even with stones were mounted. It depended on type of hiking, but this is what hiking was used for.

The rafting safety jackets were seldom used since 2013 to give a totally false impression about damages already done and to full audience on what truly went on. This was and is recorded THE FIRST CASE EVER as THE case of human butchery performed indoors of one(own house baricaded by police during MK Ultra) and protected by police  outdoors using silicone masks and next to police officers also a police affiliates.

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