Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Youtuber Coco girl made an agreement with Slovenian police/psychiatrist Kapš to not only visit me, but go with me at the postal office to pickup already opened damaged stolen deliveries

Coco with whom I have fallen in love under MK Ultra had own requirements for case to be
resolved - one billion Dollars for poor in need and this is how 52 years of my life was burned - turned to dust. Now you get the power behind Milan Kučan/Borut Pahor / Tanja Fajon and all other Slovenian garbage inside of the Slovenian parliament on how one drove mega crime scheme forward without any obstructions - middlemen and specially not THE ENEMY WHO DID ALL ONE COULD TO PROVE ME WRONG ABOUT LIBERATING EASTERN EUROPE.

I sure will meet Coco girl who was with her family involved in my case even since 1985 or earlier(possibly her father and his brother) - but under no one's terms other than hers and mine. If someone feels needs money, grab for work as I have. Money is not crime and never ever will be here.

White House/ London and Berlin used females for sexual starvation purposes - to get bestial killing wipe my life. Till case is done, don't want any women on landscape. 

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