Monday, November 27, 2023

Psychiatrist involved in my case since probably 1980 or even earlier or was identified today at home for elderly people in Novo mesto

Claimed would save me till Slovenia got its independence in place in 1991 - then everything turned into even greater violence. He joined home for elderly sometimes in 1987 perhaps even in 1985. That means home for elderly in my case was involved much much longer than what I initially thought case was. In

1989 was another individual or two hired that were important for me is what I was told back then by director. In 1992, however, Milan Kučan managed to take over entire situation via police - got authorization to get me killed on behalf of Russians due to Yugoslavia and even nuclear arsenal concerning Ukraine for which Russians hoped would get and got via nuclear arms negotiations which I was unwilling to let go whenever delivered to Kiev and/or Moscow. I wanted Ukraine to keep its Soviet nuclear weaponry at all costs till Americans WHO PARTICIPATED even ran me over and deal for transfer of those to Russia already was completed.

This psychiatrist is about 185cm+ tall and has a straight gray hair. Appears is a second psychiatrist.

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