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Quick fix for border smuggling in respect to Eastern Germany

Once KGB informants or KGB from Moscow personally delivered fake border crossing clearance documentation to meeting points in Eastern Germany, subjects were to immediately departure one - the longest time we waited on departure of an individual was for overnight stay. The next day, Dmitry Medvedev departed back to Moscow and trafficked individual(a worker) to Western Germany.

Kremlin often times used young privileged men to deliver paperwork for economic migrants. Medvedev was happy to come due to pocket money he earned during his university studying.

Many neonazi cases never obtained clearance for departure from eastern Europe(mostly Germans) and were instead walked through poorly guarded border crossings. Germans were using assistance from Kremlin to camouflage departure of majority as wall about the money and extortion of Western technology on which Soviet Union depended on. Workers climbed also into trunks etc.

Yeah, I had to wait under MK Ultra for Soviet Russian paperwork delivery boys drugged up for 5+ hours(all the way up to 8 hours and beyond) what eventually drove me insane and I no longer wanted to be part of total insanity/madness. As I stated, totally wasted time on nation which begun next to Italy to choke me as soon as one reunited in 1990.

As for 9 years older Borut Pahor, he was acknowledged as violent in Belgrade for attacking me even by

his peers. I had no reason to like violent artificial UDBA chicken whose life thanks to uncles from the rear since childhood when compared to mine was a beautiful fable 

Pahor dedicated his life solely to one single thing - killing people like myself. Not in a same way as one was involved against me due to international attention case gained, but killing yes. Foremost forced unemployment, car assassination plots, rape via MK Ultra, plots via police to get people arrested/jailed/killed, and million other forms of organised crime for the sake of the greater Serbian chetnik state known as Yugoslavia. A thug who went on with Fajon and others to steal from a money and gifts from foreign politicians. Much of it was told by Pahor and Fajon was stored in Belgrade in a special safe, but assured by Serbs who also were stealing what was stated were my gifts will never get one. I wouldn't even want one to be totally frank about it. Never ever was mine as I got all I ever needed from my Western "supporters" upon Slovenian independence in 1991 when it became clear about what type of beasts I was dealing with. Tricks are for the weaks and wickets.

Student years and academic career

The Faculty of Law building of Saint Petersburg State University, the place where Medvedev studied and later taught

In the autumn of 1982, 17-year-old Medvedev enrolled at Leningrad State University to study law. Although he also considered studying linguistics, Medvedev later said he never regretted his choice, finding his chosen subject increasingly fascinating, stating that he was lucky "to have chosen a field that genuinely interested him and that it was really 'his thing'".[10][11] Fellow students described Medvedev as a correct and diplomatic person who in debates presented his arguments firmly, without offending.[11]

He graduated from the Leningrad State University Faculty of Law in 1987 (together with Ilya Yeliseyev, Anton IvanovNikolay Vinnichenko and Konstantin Chuychenko, who later became associates). After graduating, Medvedev considered joining the prosecutor's office to become an investigator however, he took an opportunity to pursue graduate studies as the civil law chair, deciding to accept three budget-funded post-graduate students to work at the chair itself.[10]

In 1990, Medvedev defended his dissertation titled, "Problems of Realisation of Civil Juridical Personality of State Enterprise" and received his Doctor of Juridical Science (Candidate of Juridical Sciences) degree in civil law.[15]

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