Wednesday, November 29, 2023

In 2018, 2019, 2020 all American presidents with their spouses visited Novo mesto - insisted will visit me all together, but it wasn't without torture involved and they wasted my time/caused even more injuries via Slovenian police

Donald Trump suggested, however, cut right through and suggested that he knows where he will meet me. On my question where one answered at the hospital. Cancer is what they truly planned and plan on. A native Melania(just 20 miles from Novo mesto), often times insinuated into Slovenian police violence also on behalf of American presidential visitors. Donald Trump was certain would get back on the political stage and my being dead bye then. You can imagine who financed what part why/how.

@white house guys with their spouses - in this life time, you will never ever meet me again other than at the court house. I hate fact that you once were all welcome in here, but will make sure you go to hell as is where you came from.

ps. I wouldn't smell any of your Western females you counted on either till this ordeal is done deal - over with via police intervention according to law.

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