Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Zelensky based what I heard case would be during MK Ultra and what I see is taking place - appears is doing a great job

Agreement between Ukrainian bloggers/journalists was that those will keep eye on Ukrainian front lines and in case of Ukrainian leadership failure immediately report about reality. 

A real problem in Ukraine from my perspective is a fact that many European politicians never ever

understood its not Ukraine that came under attack, but their very own countries. Ukraine was not attacked because its Ukraine, but because of decisions people of Ukraine have made. I another words for seeing themselves in Germans, Italians, French, British and others is a real reason for Ukraine to came under attack. West shouldn't talk about assistance to Ukraine till each NATO member state supplies 50% of its air force where war is thorning their doorstep apart. Europe is lagging far behind its needs in respect to stated and is trying to compare with USA which is wrong. 

The biggest donators as is advertised by media should been already long ago replaced with whatever it takes to repel Russian enemy from European doorsteps as fat and as efficient as possible.

I am not Ukrainian nor do I want you to see Ukraine through me. Use your common sense as with the fall of Crimea and Donetsk or even eastern part of Ukraine, entire Ukraine will succumb to its knees. Its not war on Ukraine, but it was about active terror on Ukraine since Ukrainian independence and war on Ukraine since 2014. With Ukraine less and with 40+ million more Russian citizens, Russia will border straight on Hungary, Slovakia, and Romania taking over practically entire Black Sea...right next door to you and your luck you had for the last 50 years never ever will repeat. YOU IN EUROPE SHOULD WORRY MORE ABOUT WHAT GOES ON IN UKRAINE THAN USA.

Zelensky till I hear Ukrainian bloggers pointing in mishaps on front lines is doing just fine. Guys on the front line know. Feel free to contact me if you feel different because I would love to hear what you have to say. I will promote truth related to Ukrainian troops if I feel is under betrayal siege.

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