Sunday, November 12, 2023

The one whom Josip Broz Tito demanded to never ever assist me in genocide against me(TITO DEMANDED MY DEATH DURING HIS VISIT IN USA IN 1998) was a Kennedy during 1978 visit to USA

Josip Broz Tito promised me death prior to departure to USA in 1998 is how I remember. I declared war on one in his face after one went on to defend his Serbian Belgrade politicians(regular chetnik politic) who engaged in torture against me Related to and

It is possible, however, that Tito asked Richard Nixon for favor AND WHO ALSO WAS PRESENT ON OPPORTUNITY AT THE WHITE HOUSE and not Kennedy because Tito was mentally closer to Nixon that Kennedy. Outside on the grass in front of White House in a "friendly" way.

It wasn't only Tito who traveled to Washington in 1998, but also delegation of Serbs and their sympathizers with at least two ministers on board. I have to go over photos of minsters/politicians in 1978, but thats that.

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