Saturday, November 25, 2023

Instructor of Ante Pavlović who made Ante Pavlović a "doctor" was involved in my case since 1982(my age 11) or even earlier

Have chosen Ante Pavlović to become his replacement out of three other candidates due to family status which Ante Pavlović had - alone with his mother. Its how Ante Pavlović became involved in my case and for all the worst reasons. His instructor(I think he was from Zagorje region perhaps even Križevci  - Pavlović hada long ride to his teacher and the one heavily in involved as I stated was a physician neighbor Igor Kotar who had a big debates on issues concerning alternative medicine - Kotar was a Slovenian police snitch who was used by police to infiltrate in absolutely every pore on MK Ultra that went on in area and to introduce uniformed Slovenian criminals with police credentials - the so called investigators) was contrary to Pavlović a calm individual who had two daughters. A big house and such. For what I am concerned, it was nothing other than most severe torture Croatian state exercised $$$$. Torture in which Ante Pavlović was involved, however, was just a tip of the Croatian torture iceberg. Every village throughout Croatia with capital Zagreb as one of the worst most torturous locations. Utterly inside of the apartment buildings between walls all day long drugged up yelled at screamed at death threatened day after day for some 20 years whenever hijacked to Croatia between 1990 and 2015.

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