Tuesday, March 31, 2020

For the "meme news" as seen here, I was told under MKultra Queen making phone call to wherever I am creating problems there for me

We all know how that goes.

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Why I see myself today far more black than white

Its because these people ruined me no less than 25 years of life and even attempted to pose infront of me as saviors - waving money(LIES) at me and to Eastern Europe which somehow doesn't understand that in their eyes we are nothing more than Africans alone...its what they do on their trips to Africa no !!??? They pose with nice clothing smiling while waving money(donations) infront of poverty they first created...its a monkey their money and THEIR justice systems they created !!! A scorn/derision for human life is what it is !!!

@Buckingham palace and neonazi US deep state/Berlin

Climb back in your shells

This time world for US and world alone !!! Thank you China for returning ancient evil(aggression) world have faced time and again instead with donations/help.


HOW ABOUT THAT !!???? HE WAS RIGHT HERE IN LODZ, POLAND WITH HIM...IS HIS OLD FRIEND https://edition.cnn.com/videos/health/2020/03/30/dr-anthony-fauci-social-distancing-trump-coronavirus-invt-sot-newday-vpx.cnn

Elton John’s warning: ‘There was another infectious disease that was ignored KILLING musicians, actors, dancers, but it also took writers and bankers and lawyers and sons and daughters and best friends

We know who this musicians, actors, dancers, writers and bankers and lawyers and sons and daughters and their best friends were...we see them now dying yet again on the front line for the sake of creation of NEONAZI UNITED STATES OF AMERICA !!! Its this AIDS virus that decimated some 37+ million lives on African continent and have along with other issues greatly contributed to those who would like to enslave one again TODAY. 

Monday, March 30, 2020

My belongings accessed at night when using toilet

You cant go to toilet at this place even in the middle of the night without someone sticking hands in backpack. Scary.

I am just gonna cut yahoo's whatever with

Trump Junior told me Queen has something in pocket for him such as royal title if this explains Trump/Buck. palace's shizo talk infront of public...Queen was more direct about US as per must get one gor whatever costs there may be https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/prince-harry-meghan-markle-shut-112100827.html

On the court where heading with vehicle purchase issue won't be pretty for seller, but he left me without choice

You can get taste of what judge will get to read as early as tomorrow:

First what violations individual committed:
Sold car with severe engine problem which allows one to be operated only in temperatures close to or above zero as cooling system blows refrigerant liquid out of engine cooler with antifreeze set for low winter temperatures. Car was sold without catalytic converter(one was removed prior to sale), rear trunk which couldn't close due to broken clutch/lock, and deadly tires(even by manufacturer specified tire wheels size was wrong one/modified). Car also has transmission problem, appears to have mileage changed, and misinformation was given also about what supposedly would  be first owner of the car. Individual who attempted to resell car from real owner, used car ahead of sale for his personal benefits for at lest decade without registering one on himself. Lied about real owner and have even created sales contract which is completely illegitimate – is used perhaps on auctions in Poland “if"(even this part is questionable).

Individual accomplished above stated during 21 year period via Mkultra torture program during which I was tortured mainly in Poland via US Government per Western Europe/Northern America and others who invested money into Eastern Europe.

Sunday, March 29, 2020

Instead of placing idiot in the White House into Quarantine(greately overdue), its now idiot who is contemplating on placing New York, New Jersey, And Connecticut under Quarantine

Trump Said He May Quarantine New York, New Jersey And Connecticut. Governors Have No Idea What He's Talking About. https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/laurenstrapagiel/trump-coronavirus-new-york-new-jersey-connecticut-quarantine


Two luntics clearly pose for the sme issue along with their patrons - they have okay from tghe biggest bigott world have seen - US Government. China; however, is buisy instead helping world - and this includes United States which own president have left behind :))) SAD TRUTH NO !!????
 Cheap Dutch asshole failed to inspect prior to purchase no less thn 600.000 face masks made in China which am certain are okay. Chinese technology today passes the one of US which is manufacturing aall its high tech pructs in China...https://www.businessinsider.com/coroanvirus-holland-recalls-over-half-a-million-masks-imported-from-china-2020-3?IR=T

Where is the catch you say...

Saturday, March 28, 2020

At 1530 hours told by roomate from Ukraine involved in MKultra from early stages to leave room as he is about to sleep

Computer restaring itself ongoingly disallowing me work - caused most likely by local wi/fi.

5 months ago building where labor inspectorate was identified(incl.labor inspector alone who was involved in MKultra procedure to help) and would like to place one on line as one relates to Fujitsu distanced just some 20 meters from one...further mentioned job was conditioned via heavy bullying at health examination. Andrzej Duda conditioned MKultra proofs via variatey of mentioned stages, and this stage alone was conditioned via heavy bullying for which proof I also have...

Friday, March 27, 2020

Simonaa(Slovenian gurl;) was recognized already on February 28th of 2020 - perhps 1/2 day of training at Fujitsu Lodz(will not disclose location)

Have audio recorded myself when exiting building and likely even spoke with someone about it...will go over recording when I  audios cominghave time, but do have prove for here stated. Have more important.


Will issue video with audio recording that I was even told by Serbian involved in MKukltra from 1995 on how I will be killed inside of Fujitsu in Lodz, Poland.

About my appologee to Japan/The Emperors because Duda had issues with my future appologee to Japan as well("if you will forgive them and appologise to them, you will owe us the same")

Their world - their CULTURE, their continent(not theirs, but they are located in Asia), and honorable one - rationalised to me despite my abnoxious MKultra behavior via continuous support for my survival. Old couple cried and at the same time prayed for me.

What took place in Poland HAD NOTHING to do with Russia or Serbia or North pole or Martians or whomever they used as a pretext for

It all had to do with you as people.

And has NOTHING to do with with your politicians or "bad Poles" as is YOU WHO ELECTED THEM(OR NOT, but this isn't my problem). Its called collective crimal conscious.

Two examples of what Coronavirus is used for



Extremely dispointing to see India acting that way...where is that sense for tollerace and respect you guys once had !!???? You are heading in a very wrong direction.

Thursday, March 26, 2020

2 of 2 Slovenian Simona involved in MKultra identified at Fujitsu Lodz in Poland

Video can be also seen at https://youtu.be/4eQfL1hcU2g
Simona from Novo mesto(a customer) just called Simona(my ex-coworker) at Fujitsu...mother of Simona according to Simona also is from Novo mesto....but I knew where in Slovena we met when subjected to MKultra. Recognized beyond doubts. No trixy helped to great girl from Slovenia who came to rescue ;) Hvala vam Simonca.

@Psychologist Justka

Couple I bought it in Zgierz from were your friends(Its also I was told case will be). Its in tact(immaculate) as was when I purchased one. Nothing is wrong with one. I don't want to sell it/can't keep it😞, would you like to pick one up please(please do) ? Thank you

@CHOCOLATE KING: German money makes miracles in Ukraine also for Ukrainians who were disarmed to very today somehow for miraculous reasons

Something about I have complained for about decade. Its how Crimea was gone and Donetsk alone.

Therefore German money paid for bombs via oil purchase and what appears to me even for silence about what went on inside of the Ukraine.

With a Putin's neonazi conduct, Russia is a threat to whole world stability

Related to https://ausertimes.blogspot.com/2020/03/the-best-part-about-it-is-possibility.html

news as seen earlier kills human conscious about freedom on this world.

Who is watching for news like this !!???? Every government official that counts - in China, Japan, India and sonon...and who will partner with people like this !!???? Nobody as they know same can be obtained elsewhere.

The best part about it is possibility that Russia already is 100% controlled by US

Who can guarantee me that it wasn't on behalf of US that Saudis lowered the price of oil...can you/anyne out there !!???? Putin's diplomats now bagging on knees mighty USA !!?????

US openly sides with Russian oil crieses - protects Putin at all costs - DEVIDE

AND CONCQUER PLAN(see yourself either as Asian - white etc. was at the front line of German long term agenda) IN FULL MOTION. And here is the proof - this and much further(you will see mass exodus of Russians with even slightest Asian DNA) is where Putin's politic brought world too.

2005/2006 and possibly even earlier, owner of hostel building was in Miami

I used to live in Miami from 1995 to mid 2006 - was there twice and had a really luxurious stay(did talked to me).

I hope you understand the weight of Trump's implications in this case. OR DO YOU !!???

There allways was lots of birds at my window

I remember now something else about this building/owner(details)...allways was feeding them, but never when I was here. Had police on roof next to this building...was also in MIAMI and so on...

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

And for ALL lymph nodes information pertaining to MKultra case just talk to mentioned

psychologist who knew about this portion as well. Was teaching me to drink instead if I had too, soy milk - not regular...shouldt buy peanuts, but Brasilian nuts instead for which I will have no money...it was at local Auchan store - right next to one where even pharmacist in pharmacy store who knew me from MKultra wouldnt sell me iodium/anything I could use - she instead insidted on my going to doctor for ecamination. They all know what went on here before...this is why.

HERE IS WHY(also): Modified headphones and few other issues concerning even Japanese Royals and Trump via Fujitsu

Video can be also seen and downloaded at https://youtu.be/fq8C37yL5c8
Modified headphones and few other issues concerning even Japan Royals and Trump via Fujitsu.

My most sincere appologee to Japan - Japanese emperors and their daughter for acting inapropriately when subjected to MKultra torture via Donld Trump's team(US Governmet basically as they failed to act appropriatelly upon my return to US from Japan where some even laughed and gestured me as being a dead man)


Carlos from Spain involved in MKultra identified in Fujitsu Lodz Poland

Video can be also seen at https://youtu.be/GYDjEm4m3tE
I explain in details who Mr. Carlos who was in and out of Poland frequently till 2013(is in Poland and in Fujitsu permanently at least since 2015 - not as he gestured year and half). Had dog and home in Poland already back in 2013 and I didn't fall for mistaking him with husband of Hungarian lady who is also as tall(just about the same hight) despite factors involved as I explain in video. Original audio recording is off course at hand and I will have one published online.

To make myself clear to international and Eastern European societies

I am not asking anyone to recognize this torture case(specially not you Poland or Ukraine), I am demanding from international institutions to STOP(basically act - stop deliberately ignoring seen for the sake of political appetites) crime as this is ongoing crime supported by proofs from past.

Poles and Ukrainins insisted Westerners which invested money in two with preconditions to assist me in MKultra(they did agreed to those for the sake of money), but

will not do as agreed no matter what. 

Can you see link between this hostel and Grotniki !!???? They tried same drama comedy already before, but were rejected twice as per my giving hope/trust in hands of folly people acknowledged as fake(liars) and malicious in their dealings. 

Final solution on nothing(they tried to play with hope while collecting side money paid from outside) is allways presented upon departure.

@SLAVS: Many many more wars you will loose(BY YOUR LEADERS ALONE) is what I was told - wars against one another

till you will eventually turn into second USSR.

There is blah blah from Ukrainian side that one will not give green light to my case

I have video coming which explains in details who/why. The thing is, I am here primry for myself - not governments(I don't care about blah blah). Once I take care myself, I will be available(good) also for others. Noting either way till then. Straight from beginning to the end !!!

Individual inside of my room is a politician. Is well known to government circles - not so much brought public.

And not the last but what clearly explained what Polish police used against me throughout entire ordeal beginning with Grotniki

Russian guy reminded group of envy residents on this floor how they shoulfn't worry because they have "that thing'...

Not worry because they watched me with envy doibg pushups - recovering myself from injuries. Just two days latter attack followed on me. This is foremost directed enegy weapon that was used to effect glands...it was used daily in Grotnikih its what Belarus gestured under MKultra cade will be...sharp at 0500 hours or 0600 hour

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

About inflamated lymph nodes mentioned earlier

There is a good bakery store here and next to one a mideastern shop where I have insulted owner of shop sometimes in 2013 or so...they were playing with lymph nodes already in 2013 yes - tested torture on others  incl. Americans if is to belive to those who talked to me about this issue and have even promissed me will be case with me via either Fujitsu or this very shop or something will be done inside of this very hostel and so on....My mentioned psychologist girl knew all about this one coming my way as well and was even the one who gestured me everything will be okay except with here mentioned...for this she stated will have to be surgicaally removed...

1 of 2 Slovenian Simona involved in MKultra identified at Fujitsu Lodz in Poland

Video can be also seen at https://youtu.be/mfm1AabCjUU

Identified are H&M store where Simona once even worked in Kranj where she used to study. Probably in 2013(perhps even in 2010) is that store closed down....this was her forst job during univeristy studies in Kranj as I remember she told me under MKultra...and as much as everyone from Slovenian elite protested AGAINST H&M stores in Slovenia for what I was even blamed for by Pahor and his birds, Simona remained greateful for job which opened her career in Fujitsu(I hope wonderful girl gets much further in life). My memory widened as creating video - its just that one has to concentrate on subject and is okay.

If I ever want to change things for better in Slovenia, I figured out

would have to start here because world arround Slovenia(Slavic world) and consequenly in Slovenia is so screwed as you see that the only way to turn things for better in one(in Slovenia) is to change entire Slavic society.

Despite eveything, I am staying in Poland

Leaving one leaves yet another empty spot in hopes of many people  including myself that something positive could come out of it. Watching on streets disabled and young people rushing to nowhere may be for someone looking to do something for positive change within society people would benefit from.

During MKultra - visits to hospitals was done on weekly bases

The main study of my body was how to decimate one via $$$$ into nothing.

Kaczynski, "you will be doing nothing but visiting doctors and paying for your health as you get older".

Involved in my MKultra case from very beginning Barbara Kaczmarek is now dead as well - media leaves me message on article's title as "nobody lives for him/herself and nobody is dyeing for him/herself"

Polish attitude toward me is far worst that what what Soviet was during USSR. 

@Pollacks...How many of you were arround when I was tortured even in psychiatric hospital known as "Ljubljana Polje" and outside of one by one implementing most inhumane methods against me for no less than 5 years !!???? Really really none...there is a grafiti not far from here which I was demonstrated sometimes in 2015 and one states, "TOY IS STILL ALIVE" in plain English language - its where I was brought from Slovenian mental hospital and again reminded on who I was if stuff with Lodz Univeristy wasn't scary enough. It wasn't done because Americans/British/ Germans demanded it, but because society is chronically ill and degenerated. Real schizophrenia and alchohol rule here. And those even most resistant/healthy, are made sick like it or not.

LCD screen protection removed from Android, so screen cracked

Everyone is not bad here no. But situation isn't good either. I m sick of talking about good and bad when most of it is bad and only b.s. from Mkultra times reminds of "good"(thats when you are told on and to old to keep mouth shut in future for your own sake or else).

Monday, March 23, 2020

WORLD BE WARE OF POLAND: I am actually in shock that as Slovenian I pertain to culture which is desplaying worse than slavery attitude toward individual from another Slavic nation in 2020

I feel as Slovenian that we do not count to Polish nation even as a grain. I feel that not even Adolf Hitler treated our people in fashion Poland desplayed attitude toward me in 2020 - disregard prior 25 years of life.

And its because we are small nation when compared to Poland. Even Czechs had to defend themselves with arms in hands from Pollacks as they were gonna be erased by Polish grand appetites. Hystorically Poles enslaved Ukrainians and traded with them as slaves(like with animals on market)...prior to WWII, Poland treated Ukrainians in Ukraine as white Appartheid treated blacks in South Africa - they were not allowed to attend even univeristies/educate in own country and so on...

Sunday, March 22, 2020

White House SHIZOID(real maniac) talks to himself and his beloved crowd about "wishes for China", but China is instead buisy making GLOBAL business deals

There will be more and more "wish" WASH FISHY FISH for China from White House as world knows what America is all about now...Asian region along with India recovering nicely, and so did Estern Europe - time to pull Africa and South America on the right direction, so world can work together for better common tomorrow.

@Trumpet and his nazi clown team...not everything is so bad, Jack Ma is sending you 500.000 COVID-19 test kits for FREE https://www.fiercebiotech.com/medtech/alibaba-co-founder-jack-ma-to-ship-500k-covid-19-test-kits-to-u-s it will save a lots of "trillions"(everything costs trillion is US lately even that those writing about trillions don't have a slightest idea what trillion is) to US Government(hopefully uncle Sam won't confiscate DONATED and sell them to US citizens as is really hungry these days).

Hungarian friend and her EX husband also identified in Fujitsu Lodz from MKultra times when brought to Poland

As you see, I pointed out even that her husband is tall - mistake about his identity yes and how not - the two were at least partially, but unoficcialy seprated already 7 years ago(am certain 10). And since word was about separated when subjected to MKultra and man so nice to me, I asssumed her husband was Hungarian and lover Polish :))) 100% identified both. Yes, tall man(1.95cm is like 6.6 foot and thats tall).

Update on destroyed property

Battery from laptop woulnd't only charge and stop charging what as result would kill battery and drive individsual(not me) insanbrie with sceen bright and deemed bright deamed..., whenever I left for work, repair and inventory count of my property would take place on daily bases - one of the tasts was to kill battery - leave laptop turned on till battery would die.

Okay, few days ago I begun taking laptop batery with me t work and now what you see they destroyed me charging ability on laptop - so batter is as good as waste while inddicating me its charging. Now charging of battery on laptop is destroyed - all planned in advance.

Saturday, March 21, 2020

BRAIN CANCER OF THE WORLD IS REPUBLICAN PARTY: Vote for Trumop means vote for Coronavirus, directed energy attacks, poisoning, cancer, and other stuff that releases government services to you such is social security on long term

You don't actuallty think Sciaal security and government services are loosing money by getting read of eledrly people via viruses etc or do you !!??????

There was nothing but play with direc ted energy weapons and ideology on how to get read of elderly/disabled and portion of society which is not desirable when in Poland...it was Donald Trump who tutored Eastern European how to seed evill to save money for what otherwise would be social security payouts...HORROR AAMERICA AND THIS IS WHAT YOUR REPUBLICAN PARTY REPRSENTS !!!

Friday, March 20, 2020

Armenian involved in MKultra identified at Fujitsu in Lodz Poland when performing training for new employees and building identified on first day of training there

Trainer involved in MKultra identified, building identified on first day of training there...yes, I was in all those countries and many many more...

Video can be also seen at https://youtu.be/iFra-ittNjo

Armenian involved in MKultra identified at Fujitsu in Lodz Poland when performing training for new employees....

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Possibility exists also that some parties acted nicer than others to open new channels in my head as per where to go next and so on

It was all for nothing. Whole thing  didn't made single grain of sense in any way other than to ruin eomsone's life in most sadistic ways possible. Thank you for help to those who did their best to help, but I will continue to follow my own path.

Even rifles were pointed at me 100 meters from immigration center in Grotnikah(Duda and Kaczynski have a funny sense for humor)

I will release everything. This trully is like Trump have stated, "ANIMALS"(its how he called them - I disagreed as he alone is a beast but to act like this is abnormal).
Video can be also seen at https://youtu.be/IWp9igwPzrw or https://dai.ly/x8kd29o

Video can be also seen at https://youtu.be/hhoydBjAJfg or https://dai.ly/x8kd2a2

They pointed rifles at me just 100 meters from immigration center in Grotnikih in 2019 - not real guns, but you couldn't tell the difference unless told. I uploaded material to internet first and then returned with idea to get things straight, but uniformed boys which pointed guns at me also under MKultra took off because they knew what walked their way. 

This is just a two core processor that works extremely slow

plus I have other issues dealing with...Ukrainian roommate told me that what will be done to me can be for max few times on what I am practically dead - heart condition stays for life or whatever is left out of one for someone willing to grab himself unto one...reminded on street of Lodz when first attack took place to not go there, "they will kill you"(random passers)

If I do suffer cardiac arrest to the point it will become unbearable I will be most likely gone for good

There will be no hospital and even if hospital, I will not survive 100% not. Mark "NOT" with guarantee. 

I knew something like this will come and I have also foretold

Title of article explains all. A bit earlier, a browser also displayed me that tomorrow is the March 20th, 2020 - first spring day and for what I was told bye Duda will be gone...again, not a difficult thing to do.

Is not a difficult thing to do - isn't it...its a second day I am in heavy chest pain and tomorrow have to report to work.

Hitler even have a physical facial characteristics of Poles in case you haven't realized...was told he was from Austria...yeah in Austria you had mainly Slovenian/Slovak people mixed with Germans and huge admixture of Pollacks. Specially upper Austria and Vienna area...
 As coming in his age, Mr. president himself will soon look just like that.

Kaczynski gestured in 1999 that Poland agreed to end view on Nazi Germany and Adolf Hitler as bad - that one would receive financial package based on resolution of here mentioned

Duda insisted there is city in Poland which is a NEONZI city and claimed for one to be Lodz.

I guess this is yet another sad legacy of Poland to the world. Another huge reason to avoid country/nation as whole.

I don't believe in any good Pollacks

They all knew about what went on. 

The good and the bed. And the "bad" made "the good".

The so called "good" and bad were in agreement with one another in this case.


I think you have written crime into your genetics(evil is encoded in one) as people.....I  think your DNA belongs to Lucifer. You are the product of his spawn if you ask me.

At the police station in Lodz(2015) was told perhaps I will be assisted in respect to directed energy attack which caused heavy heartburn that


This latest attack didn't live me only with pain in chest, but also bus ticket in hands. I am extremely health oriented individual who never planned in life as seen and will not become a jumping desk for even more Polish crime into the world.

Tall Ukrainian individual who threatened with cardio death in 2013/2015 ws with me in Japan as well - at Fujitsu headquarters

He made it to Japan, but this was in latent stages and have boasted bout new Fujitsu department in Ukraine. He does have top Ukrainian government clearance. I wouldn't know any of these if MKultra wouldn't exist. JUST GET OUT OF MY FACE.

Hard drive eventually came back to life after 1.5 hours of self repairing

Damage was caused by most likely bye my pulling out power cable last night without turning one off - yet have to learn more about it, but

Damage caused in this Polish hostel by Ukrainians is unprecedented

Police declined to assist me yesterday at my request to move out of one by having owner refund money.

Hard drive NEW(about month old) seems was destroyed tonight

Poles provided with compulsary lodging using Ukrainians to cause damage. I am certain for previous location where Ukrainian individual would even treat himself with food that he in fact was a real Ukrainian. This hostel came with astronomical costs. Today, I regret stay in one deeply. Ukrainian roomates(all involved in MKultra) did nothing but damage. Free handed and protected by police to do crime as pleased.

I had several Polish editors of my Facebook account

Became evident this morning after observing on tablet messages otherwise unseen as I would leave one in hostel on regular bases and nothing much appeared on phone...

Ukrainian roomates also got ahold of my hard drive and other items where I kept data yesterday

Hard drive self repairing for some thirty minutes already. Yet have to see what overnight damage was done to one.

THE Main reason for electroshock introduction into MKultra torture

was a Dutch king who is just four years older than myself and Dan Andersson of Avesta, Sweden. Dan Andersson and Norwegian Helle Bjorklund were two first MKultra staff members from overseas who came to meet me to Miami. The story on how MKultra is there to help me become wealthy quickly lost its sense as in 1996 already upon my mistaking lookalike Dan with Willem-Alexander of Netherlands(I have mistaken Willem with Dan to be exact here)  one ordered electroshocking to be inserred during his pressence - I cite outlandish Hollandish garbage, "there is no need for him to remember me at all" - practice was almost simultaniously addapted by Russians and Americans and here and then by others as well. Norwegians protested something, but not for much time...electroshocking became normal procedure parallel to MKultra. This is why too...Willem Alexander was and is just a fat semi retarded bully who seats on money and aristocratis connections. I believe even his own wife does't feel much for this insensitive creature. In one word "animal".

Attack repeats in hostel

Same pain. Ukrainian roomate signals one at 0500 am.

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Most of people involved became over time speculators

They have forgotten who they once were. I think this also is the main problem with humanity one is facing.

I also refuse to have anything further to do with mentioned psychologist

Lady you saw standing next to store entrance cried in my ears that she loves me and will be sad when leaving like many others prior to myself. She kept her promise because this is far as you can count when it comes to promises in Poland.

Letter already sent to Fujitsu

Dear Mr. Takahito Tokita of Fujitsu Japan and others,

My name is Avsec Bostjan and about three weeks ago, I have obtained 
employment opportunity at Fujitsu branch in Poland. Regredully, I have
 to inform you about mal intentions(ill - malevolent) ways of this corporate
branch which rather presents problem to company reputable as Fujitsu
 Japan is. Main problem of this branch in involvement of politics into
company itself that have gone as far as using directed energy weapons 
on their premises with idea to cause me today cardiac arrest that could 
easily lead to fatality after primary directed energy attack earlier tody 
during night time - sleep.

It was Tbilsi's parliament building which never ever would allow Russians such clearance

Real Ukrainian and multiple times(x 100) in Georgia when I was subjected to MKultra. Not only from Poland, but was brought to one in latter stages also from Ukraine directly.

Tall Ukrainian in hostel harrowed under MKultra along with Poles that Polish government gave the authority to murder me if I wouldn't bring case further

by using them. This was in 2015 and 2017 when brought here from Belarus. Individual is 100% Ukrainian(just as two other roommates) and totally Ukrainian government affiliated . Will not go any further in details(was with him also in another countries and inside of the parliaments - meaning he has top Ukrainian government clearance) on behalf of Ukrainian government - meaning  how I know here stated is THE fact.

Jesus brings joy is what Kaczynski gestured last year

It doe$$$$$

Polish police doesnt care about mentioned physical proofs as officer told me

After taking report from me, was told that they will call me when they find translator is what English speaking officer told me. Nice

Serbian friend who came to Poland via this very case in 1995 end, told me month ago I will not exit Fujitsu alive

Didnt answer me why. All audio recorded. This is when my patriotism for the sake of Poland ends indefinitely as this is beyond insane.

Yeah, and I have just undergon medical examination with Fujitsu where everything was Ok

eat cookues and drink 3.2 fat.

Heading to police now

Will not go just like this.

Mercedes and Jaguars like the ones Kaczynski/Duda are using are stalking me all day long

Its what allways took place whenever I spoke truth about what went on. Also was reminded that joblessnes is awaiting me now by several coincidental Poles thst passed me bye...all we csn fo is buy candles is what I heard...TV doesnt tell us truth, but when I reminded them of their seeing truth and deliberately declinkng to act they kept mouths shut. Milk and cookies seems are perfect cure for heart attacks.

MKULTRA(idea to collect my video/audio material I guess): Poland everything is for sale, but Jesus is for sale the most

Video can be also deen at https://youtu.be/F7AIW-M9p3k
After I proceeded at work to Fujitsu this morning, I was compelled to seat at designated desk because employees took computers and other equipment at homes. 

If friend with Greek and British people - then nothing

OK. then ! Nothing for you, and friendships gor me.

This kind of patriotism grom side of Poland starts to climb through my mouths out

its rwason why they brouhht main actors from Russia and Serbia at the end of this murderous procedure. Will explsin everything today.

I will retaluate fir this TODAY

@Kaczynski/Putin - Kaczynski gave 100% control of this case to Russua abd Serbia. You will go sleep tonight, but not happy.

I got attacked las night by directed energy weapon which resembled heart attack

And just as I was told case will be in room at he end of the hallway and edge of the hostel - they played with this issues too and its where I am at now.

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

MKULTRA British gentleman identified at Fujitsu in Lodz, Poland

Video can be also seen at https://video.fc2.com/content/20200318uRqFxBWg

This is the MAC-DADDY of Fujitsu in Poland. Audio needs to be repaired and will be(I lost three days trying to repair one - is not easy, but will be), but I prove to know what exactly I am talking about. Yes it is audio recorded on this audio what I stated and one already is online(uploaded to internet as file). THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR THIS ONE MR. JOHN !!!

MKULTRA: Greek crew involved in MKultra identified in Lodz Poland at Fujitsu

Ohhh my God how loud !!!! Anyhow, thank you guys :)))

I love Fujitsu because company hires people regardless of their racial backgrounds, sexual orientations, gender and so on...and I love to watching diversity of young people working together with one another to advance their personal goals while bringing world closer to all of us.

Sunday, March 15, 2020

MKULTRA: Chief of Fujitsu for Lodz operations identified via MKultra on second day of training

Probably some additional 30 + people were identified so far in Fujitsu company. Started training there on 25th Feb. or so....as far as hostel, probably 30+....if you add to that numerous other proofs about city and people I met outside of the company,, there is work left for me for t lest another two years...chief of the police in Lodz helped me recognize city garage behind main police station where we would go often times with Trump for security briefing. You know stairs(those that lead downstairs into garage right next to police station if they still exist - was there the other day and have peeked across the fence and memory came to life about what went on - and I thank you for that matter as well) to garage while background of police was totally remodeled with new construction and so on...you know...ENTIRE CITY IDENTIFIED AND LONG NUMEROUS WITNESSES(domestic and from abroad) !!!

To gesture me not to talk about politics(CONCENTRATE ON MKULTRA PROOFS ONLY) is like gesturing Soviet troops on their way into Berlin to take summer break

Have no intentions to do any of that. My case involved politics(highest profiles) and will(did and will till job is completed) do just as comes natural to every soldier on front line. There is nothing to discuss. 
You have had more than enough good time.

KREMLIN'S BRAIN/FILTHY WORLD: Putin hopes to become Russian tsar by stealing, killings, attending funerals of those whom he killed, and parading on red Moscow Square/St. Petersburg with those who fought against nazism while propagating one on global level

‘President for Life’: Putin Opens Door to Extending Rule until 2036

THEFT: Individual was a nobody and nothing in 1995 - he begun to climb up the ladder right through my personal case for which foreign governments if I would manage to prove one, have promised me extremely considerable amounts of money(worthless money for me personally when you consider that I lost 25 years of life being labeled with forced unemployment and even psychiatric torture parallel to MKultra torture which mercilessly went on). nd its also how he alone as well as several other politicians become money thirsty - logic bend was why would we allow him to have it when we can kill one after we get what we want and keep money. At no wonder, my own mother labeled me as American spy upon return to Slovenia in 2006 for the "first time" within 11 years(and this on first day of meeting with me withing 11 years her words to me were, "you re American spy - hand me over your American passport immediately" - its what I got after main Eastern European negotiation with West upon return to home)...

Saturday, March 14, 2020

No comment news: Italian actor EXPLAINS how hard it is to deal with Coronavirus


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D., N.Y.) Backed Away from Sanders Campaign after Joe Rogan Endorsement

I prefer Bernie over Biden - there is no doubt, but if Bernie in reality is not what one claims to be - his damage could be 100 x times costlier than the one of Biden. Because the biggest damage is done when hope of the people(TRUST) is damaged/hurt...its how country got in trouble as is in it today(people became desperate to cast their votes for just about anybody after repeated betrayals - its how it works - chain of betrayal effect).

China silent no more - finally condemns(CALLS ONE OUT STRAIGHT IN THE FACE INFRONT OF THE WORLD FOR WHAT IT IS) American global neonazi politic

Its  politic that deprived once the greatest country in the world of its glorious past. Lets not forget America was the first country to openly turn through civil war toward equality oriented society - country that crushed Adolf Hitler and prior to Hitler even own Madison Square Garden's nazis !!! And so I pray and not for the sake of the world only as world this time is much stronger than Western economies altogether, but for American people to take side on time for their own sake as there is no place for people like Donald Trump(HATRED) in this world. This is a Buckingham palace, White House, Berlin, and Rome's politic which few other rather meaningless puppet states will follow - and even this IF because whole thing is rather a test to see how much will world take them seriously(they would abandon plan as soon as things wouldn't work out is what I was told - idea is ton detect and then again repenetrate inside of resistant systems with additional issues till global picture would fit swastika needs).

If there is one man vaccinated against Coronavirus, sure is THE ponzy inside the White House

And his physicians can explain very well(in grrreat details) why whimpet, otherwise not even quarter of real man, is soooo worry free...it will come out and won'tr be pretty.

Not so bad - it paid off at the end of the day

Now videos will be raining with additional MKultra proofs. License for Wavepad not so much needed :)))

What FREE wavepad demo version is

Telephones both came with 3gpp audio file recorders - types of files difficult to open with just about anything other than wavepad sound editor which, however, again creates as only free option file known as .wpp

MKULTRA: This prison labor existed already back in at least 2013 if not even in 2010(very likely even in 2010)


Its because I heard them saying lets go to USA to see it on what they reported me that comoany doesnt and will not at the time of virus release produce sanitisers branded as Coronvirus resistant sanitisers...but gestured me a different sticker on product with few extea addmixtures will fix problem. Owner of company/prison labor admins. knew all about coming virus.

Thursday, March 12, 2020

Was prompted that Trump won tonight just as promised case would be

He won already 24 years ago when world and I alone was sold in this country like a potato on market.

We have already first(since tonight) cougher alarming residents with Coronavirus paranoia

I think(she) we listen to coughing already about one hour. Since loud meeting(laughing, yelling, music, banging) ended just a bit earlier. 

If you are targeted individual, Corona-virus will kill you regardless of how resistant/strong you may be

Its because they add to Coronavirus God knows what other virus mixture(its enough to lower immunity system to critical level with another admixture of health related issues)...you will be dead 100%. 

Monday, March 9, 2020

You have all forgotten to be people

One would think music like this will make you want to grow, but seems the opposite took place...you turned instead into goats.

Governments pushing panic mode such as Italy are into fascism via anarchy/panic as they have all needed to constrain virus

Poor countries are going to be affected the most as they have no way to control disease...

Its a NEONAZI FASCIST strategy.

From https://www.yahoo.com/finance/news/tesla-ceo-elon-musk-thinks-193318494.html

And I thank Georgia and Armenia greatly

To me, these people are both dear. They came from far away to help...awesome people...people came to help even from Africa. audios are coming.

Read this again

I also have broken tooth(second molar) for which I was told will have and have had British waiting on me in Lowitz same day as it happened to remind me of broken tooth(British girl involved in Mkultra)

Old man from Ukraine who became my roommate and Armenian guy are both okay

They both obligated themselves to cause me problems for following reasons:

Armenian guy did it for other Armenians who helped me at their requests - its what they claimed will be their way out after helping me...they talked about not going big.

'Nero' Trends After Trump Shares Ominous Meme Of Himself Fiddling Amid Chaos

Lunatic laughs because world is failing to acknowledge evident...

Sunday, March 8, 2020

Car reader destroyed and tablet modified to not detect even USB

Fun place I tell you...making hell out of one's life. Its when toothpastes, toothbrushes, soap bars, shaving equipment become luxury due to theft.

Armenian people helped greatly in this case

I just wish mentioned individual(ONLY WAS ONE LIKE THIS) wouldn't act he did. He took advantage of few others involved(not only myself).

The reason behind my dog "obsession" are two

One is that I just love this hairy creatures which are very rewarding(happy - they display gratitude) with their lives as long as they can have good companion(we too are companions - goes both ways). They make me laugh because I love to relate to feelings of people as well s animals...

Have no plans for leaving Poland

whoever is disseminating such news is in  doubts with himself.

Individul who moved in the room is one of the longest involved in MKultra

Have sworn to help me out(is an older man) as was pure like mouse before getting involved in one. He got his life together thanks to my case, but seems have sold his options to what/whoever views motivated him in crime. Have displayed also intolerance for other cultures...repeatedly called me idiot and Djadja(have repeated his MKultra scenario on how if siding with other races/cultures - specially blacks, he will see me like a negro). Gestured me to be fit for Africa now as a result of my real political views...talked t 2/3am with others about coming inside of the room - probably to borrow my phones and so on.

Three guys advised to be better off leaving as stay here does them no good

New roommate from Ukraine who allowed during my 5 minute absence in kitchen an individual from Armenia to enter room and have watched him destroy my day old headphones(bought in Auchan and good quality) and close colleague of Armenian individual. There also is a couple(her husband) from Ukraine right next door that engaged in vandalizement of my property. Other than that seems clean

Saturday, March 7, 2020

My life has nothing to do with anxiety, pressure, disappointments, terrors, fears of whatever...

Its all about job get done, so I can move on with what should never be taken away from me. Same situation as WWII soldiers faced with when entering service on  front line.

@1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW(you played me this in Norway - in 2010)

Two test positive for coronavirus at US conference attended by Pence

This individual ruined my life in Europe

Is more deserved for what happened when brought for torture than even Berlin. Is a #1 reason for war in Donetsk. SEX(prostitution - did nothing but whored whored whored and often times infront of me) AND MKULTRA LIES IS BEST DESCRIPTION OF ONE. Find out who Mariya Putina - Maria Vorontsova (Russian: Мария Воронцова, née Mariya Vladimirovna Putina, Мария Влади́мировна Пу́тина).


On a photo above is a Dutch king Willem-Alexander.

@Trump, Junior, Eric, Ivanka

The swine flue is the one which is gonna get you.

Trumpet dreamed about Coronavirus so much, he placed me in room with UPS(United Parcel Service) guy with idea to get me out of this very Polish hostel

I am in a room with individual from Ukraine who was involved in MKultra and knew all about Coronavirus some 10 years ahead of what you is happening today.

I call for world to unite in war against neonazism - Coronavirus

I call for China, India, and Japan to stick together as one - for Russians to overthrow Putin. For broader Slavic society to demonstrate solidarity with one another(use mistakes from past to improve chances for the future - center main economy rather via Warszaw, Kiev, and Zagreb than Moscow/Belgrade).

Ask Joe Biden if he knows anything about AWB's bride known as Melissa Cohen

He claimed to be arrested in South frica by Apartheid yet no record exists - no one ever confirmed his account. But there is one thing real today https://pagesix.com/2019/06/12/hunter-biden-secretly-marries-south-african-beauty-melissa-cohen/ that can confirm my account on who Joe Biden is.

Give this country same s you gave North Korea to defend itself if necessary....don't wait for Russia because daddy of now Maria Vorontsova also referred to as Maria Faassen will not allow his enslaved country to come to a rescue.

Coronavirus - Economic attack on China

A proper vaccine for virus should be powerful Chinese South African economic cooperation which should escalate itself also on nuclear military pact.

Friday, March 6, 2020

Asked if leaving Poland now...

nope...I am not leaving anywhere. Have at least no plans to leave. Most of Polish people who again met me but in real time(not as the case was with them when subjected to MKultra) were happy to see me...I still feel much more connected with world here than the case would be elsewhere...and few people did outstanding things for me...its not just like that. Whole thing had to do much more with Duda/ Kaczynski than people - filthy politic.

Thursday, March 5, 2020

Update on Lodz University disgrace

The one who protested the most was state of Israel This was year 2005. Its because one of the rooms resembled Knesset.

If Poland will play with Duda/Kaczynski

/ Morawiecki....I will TEAR her ass appart. IT WILL BE ALL ABOUT "I DONT KNOW - DONT REMEMBER - I HAVE NOT SEEN".

I lost 25 years of life because of you. This is hospital in Lodz which has unofficial records about me since 1996.

Poland tortured, and watched me being toryured in Slovenia/US.

I will issue video on Lodz University's mass schizophrenia human degradation shows, beatings and other stuff.

Wednesday, March 4, 2020

As I go over recordings right now(will release a whole set of new audio proofs about MKultra which will blow your mind), I can't despite all to feel bad for people who came forward with truth

Many of them enthusiastically proceeded to offer help(they knew about ugliest of ugly truth ever concerning their own country or countries, yet they proceeded to help) yes regardless...

Its why I guess and despite all, I will proceed toward something good for this country/people...

They didn't forget to insert lie about this degradation either

"We did it to demonstrate https://ausertimes.blogspot.com/2020/03/i-remember-clearly-university-of-lodz.html how they do with people in USA ONLY and not because we would want to hurt you in any way"....

ASK LODZ UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT(CAMPUS) FOR LEGAL SCIENCES WHAT THEY HAVE TO SAY ABOUT HERE STATED !!! They, I understand, protested to this practice that went on in other campuses for quite some time....


In 2017 ultimatum was given as my ultimate last coming chance...if not, you re done....

I REMEMBER CLEARLY: University of Lodz used me as an example for its students on how to degrade/humiliate human being naked infront of public when drugged up

Brought to rooms in BUL(Library of Lodz university area where several Lodz University departments used MKultra opportunity to demonstrate not only what can be done to a drugged up human being, but with idea to crush any humanity in me total humiliation  via what they thought would be t- year 2004/2005) for human degradation. This type of schizophrenic game ended with protest of Americans and if truth, department of legal sciences at Lodz University. 

Description of incidents...brought into large rooms infront of many many people and humiliated infront of them by being referred to them as animal top whom just anything can be done...WHILE I CAN UNDERSTAND SOMEHOW THAT POLAND ALLOWED ITSELF TO HAVE YOUNGSTERS(14-16 YEARS OLDS) OFTEN TIMES PUNCHING ME IN STOMACH AREA AND ENGAGING IN THREATS(at times older did as well), I CAN UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES UNDERSTAND SUCH BEHAVIOR OF UNIVERSITY PROFESSORS - TUTORS AS IS BESTIAL....

Kaczynski - Duda/ Morawiecki seems decided to replace date of German Russian invasion on Poland with celebration of one

I can't understand any of actions that went on in addition to MKultra torture in any other form...its otherwise unexplainable. Bad for me and suicidal for Poland.

Lots of really funny obituaries - world seems doesn't give 3s*** about what goes on

Have no time for Portals either...too many brave of you are zeros in real life.


Count of loss for the day

Stollen toothbrush and toothpaste(4th one within month), stollen shaving holder/blade, new backpack in 5 days use heavily damaged(with cuts etc.)...

Shaving holder in hostel other done all at new company - already identified as MKultra company too.

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Poland needs this kind of writing(not enough anger in one, but one can still be misinterpreted to those who must apologize what other than genocide)

You don't understand..."Poland will survive"(its what I was repeated with sad words under MKultra in the face  on million occasions if I will write written bellow - truth basically).


If you ever find yourself in Poland

just pray to holly father that your body and soul don't get sold to Satan.

Why Americans and British alone became involved in own crippling

Because George Bush who was a primary president involved in this crime became extremely concerned in what became obvious(blatant) case of racism against Eastern European. Its also how Trump got his door open on political stage via Melania Trump(Melania Knavs same age and from same city in Slovenia became perfect wife for numerous reasons - didn't matter who/what her father was in the past other than to bring closer Moscow and this even for the price of war in Ukraine)....

Monday, March 2, 2020

This is just one of the companies that exists in Poland because of me

What I get to hear around me 24/7 is only a neonzi propaganda

Comes from Polish side, Russian side, Ukrainian side(if Ukrainian on first place), as well as from other sides involved in MKultra. Vodka and beer(alcohol) sip in throats like A WATER, things are ruined(either destroyed or stolen), and I am asked each day 10 times if I work...

Slovenia(source https://www.google.com/SLOVENIA) In Slovenia, the average household net-adjusted disposable income per capita is USD 20 820 a year, lower than the OECD average of USD 33 604 a year.

Poland(source https://www.google.com/POLAND) The average income before tax in Poland is heading towards 4900 PLN a month, which is around 3530 PLN after tax (shy of 830 Euro).

Ukraine(source https://www.google.com/UKRAINE) Wages in Ukraine averaged12264(US Dollars 493) UAH/Month in December of 2019 and a record low of 115 UAH/Month in January of 1996.

Russia(source https://www.google.com/RUSSIA)  According to foundation's research, the real average salary in Russia is between 15,000 and 18,000 rubles a month (between $230 – $276 a month)

Its basically like this...Pollacks insist on German cooperation...Ukrainians do as well and so do Russians...

What Americans thought us about CORONAVIRUS in 2020(they exercised for future Lodz preparations - its a well planned crises triggered to Trump and my case alone s he and others though will use to grab power in US)

Drink water on every 15 minutes on every 15 minutes when in highly congested area(city).