Saturday, November 25, 2023

As for Golob Branislav(Golob Brane) - father from niece Urška Golob Veber and ex from my sister Biserka Avsec

This swine traveled at times to Russia where he was hosted by Vladimir Putin and have attended Russian military spectacles during which he incited in a war on Ukraine - actually massacre of Ukrainian people as one based on my observation was totally absorbed by what he saw Russians got from Germans, Americans, and others.

Vladimir Putin repeated me with Medvedev and Lavrov wouldn't adopt me as theirs, but did Golob Branislav. I wrote about his father Lojze Golob and Branislav's brother Matjaž Golob who did all they

could to get me killed through bestial torture at their weekend at Smolinja Gora(very near our house) which they even sold for me to see not about what went on there during so called MK Ultra sessions. Milošević was even their guest at Gotna vas in Novo mesto and so were other Serbian chetnicks who found their way to Slovenia despite Serbian invaders being thrown out of Slovenia in 1991 just 14 day war. Serbs returned at request of their Slovenian partners and have collected money from local companies such as Renault(IMV) and Krka. Cash envelops for Belgrade.

My sister left criminal who was involved in a physical torture also inside of our home once father no longer could physical abuse me during MK Ultra torture beginning age 11 - Branislav rushed one to rescue since and his brother Matjaž - neighbors and its how Krka village got involved in crime. 


Režeči se Branislav ki se je režal v Rusiji Ukrajinskemu narodu češ da ničesar nima in kako da jih bo Rusija zmlela DANES SKUPAJ Z PUTINOM IN KUČANOM TRUPLA ŠTEJE - PA NE UKRAJINSKA.

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