In the age of social media, where information flows rapidly, it is safe to say that accusations of cultural appropriation are not taken lightly.

One hospitality worker learned this the hard way when she decided to launch her own business of a certain oceanic cuisine in the city that never sleeps.

An Australian woman was accused of cultural appropriation as a result of opening a sushi shop in New York City

Image credits: @ns_whit

Alex Marks, an Australian entrepreneur, recently opened a sushi bar specializing in what she refers to as “Australian-style sushi”, in New York City’s West Village.

She has since been accused of cultural appropriation by Americans who raised objections due to her non-Japanese background.

Alex, who used to be a lawyer, was subsequently nicknamed “Sushi Sheila”, in addition to being called a “colonizer”, receiving one-star Google review marks as a result of her white ethnicity.

Alex Marks refers to her products as “Australian-style sushi”, whilst her shop is based in New York City’s West Village

Image credits: dailymail

The trolling victim initially garnered recognition on TikTok when she shared her journey of leaving her corporate job to establish the sushi counter in the Big Apple earlier this month.

She has since gone on to create an Instagram account called by her shop’s name, Sushi Counter NYC, which has only six posts for now, and is followed by 1,792 people. As of today (October 27), the comments have been disabled.