Saturday, March 20, 2021

THEY WOULD DEVOUR JESUS'S CARCASS IF THEY COULD: Leadership of Slovenian WWII neonazi collaborators calls for so called "WWII reconciliation declaration" upon my torture accusation against Slovenian traitors who tortured at memorials of partisans for the sake of SERBIAN CHETNIK AND RUSSIAN WHITE GUARDS MAFIA state

To make myself clear - when it comes to torture at Slovenian partisan memorials(done to me between 1995 to 2003 - went on for no less than 8 years) there evidently is no difference between those who continue to see themselves in Borut Pahor(leader of torture) and those who push forward issue of so called "reconciliation"("reconciliation" is just a lie used to push forward failed WWII nazism - its an attempt to revive one as there can't be any reconciliation between those who attempted to erase this nation and those who stood up into defense of one during most critical moments in its history). It wasn't only Slovenian church which is pushing nazism forward and collaborated with one during WWII, but Janez Jansa, Polish Morawiecki would like to play with Italian fascist Salvini and Hungarian Orban too

They all see politics and not human beings...they see value in betrayal at costs of human lives as is also totally evident out of COVID19 which despite all accessible vaccines and preconditions is exploding(funny when considering that at one point was according to theur media even declining) across the European continent. This isn't only about what they have done to me at memorials dedicated to partisans, but as you see, against you and your families too...its where/when we the people loose and they(lies) win.


There is only one law - thats their police(theirs make no mistake about it) and their human rights organisations(such as the one in Strasbourg) and their human rights warriors against you. You don't exist. FASCISM GOES ON !!!
They don't kill only whatever is left human in Jesus - they would fit themselves on remaining cadaver/carcass drink his blood if they could...these are real beasts. These are politicians that pigs alike bath in same sludge - I understand now why Putin/ Pahor/ leftists fascists were like pants/shirt can see how it all can work together with one another for the sake of common interest - there is no greater common interest than to cover own asses.

Ljubljana, 19 March - The Justice and Peace Commission of the Slovenian Bishops' Conference has welcomed a SAZU-sponsored declaration on reconciliation, saying it was "a step in the process which needs to be continued". The WWII Veterans' Association on the other hand says the document is not based on historical facts and justifies collaboration.

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