Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Love the new virtual office I created out of old room.

 Mother protested to this for some 10 years, but bed was thrown out last night - perhaps one of the things that disturbed local psychiatrist who stated me under MK Ultra I cite, "you write about me for already some time, so....". Love the view on local Krka pharmaceutical too as one adds to productive environment and despite fact that individual in-charged for sales in this factory who at first insisted me on how I work in his department objected latter what Americans insisted me under MK Ultra also to complete...I cite Aleksandar Vucic who observed this portion of MK Ultra, "if you place American flag on here you will be considered as an enemy etc...."

Krka sales department where I was brought on several occasions under MK Ultra this way obtained(don't know for how long do, but they did have one) English speaking individual from GB at one point - other than that, they hired permanently Russians involved in MK Ultra.

I would rate this factory as the nastiest of the nasty experience concerning MK Ultra.

Same room, but all new experience in one ;) Yes, they played with furniture inside of the room under MK Ultra back and forth....two different worlds in one person labeled as mentally insane after declining to have anything to do with MK Ultra issues for no less than 16 years(its why I delayed and refused to have anything to do with one for so long - not because I wouldn't remember as they bullied) !!!

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