Wednesday, March 10, 2021

EVENING WALK: I told you about Polish Pope John Paul II and myself - I told you facts

Polish Pope Pope John Paul II who was in our Novo mesto house(not only in tiny Novo mesto city as his goal for arrival to this city was myself whom he desperately wished to help - BUT ON A VISIT INSIDE OF OUR PARENTS' HOUSE IN NOVO MESTO), did left invisible yet impenetrable physical proof behind.
WRITTEN ON STONE IS: Church of Maria's birth was renovated during visit of Polish Pope John Paul II in Lord's year of 1996
Polish Pope Pope John Paul II came to Novo mesto at least twice(passed through), but I think even three times. Not reported anywhere.

My accounts are supported with proofs - facts. Theirs with media. They answer my questions(requests) with censorship, violence, and ignoring matter through and through hoping for THE worst.

This also is location where Slovenian national liberation front have after mass in church as declared war on neonazi enemy during WWII occupation of Slovenia. 

Its this very place where those who found out about Pope's concerns for me and his attempt to help me also protested against one(1998 along Sergey Shoygu/Putin) expressing PUBLIC rage/anger against me what is reason enough for me to charge this people with inciting in nazism via physical and mental torture infront of Slovenian partisan memorials in home city - we are again talking about RUSSIAN POLITICAL CREW on behalf of Serbian chetnik elite which they used this very statue(history of Slovenian partisans) as well as other statues in vicinity as a call to destroy me what as a result had extremely negative impact on myself as well as locals - today, entire world can even see what those whom lined themselves behind memorial with call for war against me have aligned themselves with !!! Its what HATE DOES Mr. Putin.
I sincerely hope to revive conscious in people in respect to WWII, so their legacy can be passed on future generations fear free. Some memorials I have seen need renovation badly.

Yes, God is great and he made it all happen.

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