Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Not allowed to drive father to local state operated health center

 Conversation ends with(I opened garage to take car out) mom posting herself between myself and father(turning back toward me and boosting her size infront of him blocking him exit at the toilet) and yelling at him on how his dentist Novljan will call back to see if he can be assisted. After I warned her about her threatening posture and father's right to visit hospital she replies with, "I no longer can take this will go into home for elderly" on what father also confirms with "will go to home for elderly". Then mom begun to extort with I cite, "will see what you will do when we are away since you are financially broke".

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On her(psychiatrist Peter Kaps on whose behalf she acts and who is behind it all with local police) threats on how she will call social workers and police since I refused to accept her yelling at him infont of me once he got ready for me to take him to dentist and insisting him on taking further pain killer pills rather than to visit dentist immediately, I tell her will call social workers and police on her and her psychiatrist who cooked all this.

Mother who is often non communicative whenever I try to converse with her advised no to worry about it as she alone explained to me along others is like this because one is saving issues for MK Ultra sessions during which I was compelled to listen to her mental floss. I cite her from MK Ultra, "explain him first on how to treat me since he doesn't want to listen and then blah...blah blah".

Father does a lots of coughing as I write this, but they both did cooked this with idea to cough latter. It was like this since day 1 of my return from Poland.

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