Sunday, March 14, 2021

I side with Meghan and Harry and when it comes to British(media bubbles about British specifically - its all about Brits)

 I deem for them to be one of the most civilized(tranquil - polite and in some cases even TOO tolerant) people there is. There is huge difference between British and Scottish(there is no business guy worth $omething that wouldn't come across my MK Ultra case - my case opened silk road for Scotland to Ukraine and Poland and beyond while I was left behind in cahoots for dead - I will tell you today's Scotland is made via this very case and its how much royals pushed one forward when compared to rest of the Britain), but media which is misrepresenting facts at large via FAKE POLLS is not paying attention to stated.

I wouldn't count Harry and Meghan just out yet as world changed enormously and is about to change even more. These too could return back to the top per real British needs in no time and specially when considering the rest of the totally artificial clan.

Harry made some bad choices, but who didn't - he practically grew up without mom with no one to look after him other than crazy uncle Andrew and bunch of grown up neonazi hypocrites. If anything, he acknowledged world as is and did everything he could to raise reputation of family. Not good enough for those who know the price of everything and the value of nothing...


Well, life is short so I wouldn't loose sleep over few hypocrites that can't accept what otherwise should be considered with happiness on faces as their grand-kid/s. Welcome to the country where well known phrase "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness" was included in the Declaration of Independence - its also country where over 90% of people see the two of you as the WANTED per type of relationship and where whole Britain😁😂 would like to escape too, so the least(in case nature alone wouldn't lure them from rain and tea) they wouldn't have to pay real estate taxes as high as are back home.

Its also good you two spat out of your souls dark secrets as those tend to create negative mental issues in one on a long term - specially family related personal issues if directed against one as unjust are most hurtful. Its the cluster like this that defines you and those around you in either positive or negative sense. Something, I feel, you two(adult Harry :) won't have problems with in life on general.

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