Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Within two/three hours of even less my publishing video about Navalny Putin, three Russians airmen involved in MK Ultra and serving on a front line(Russian nuclear bombers) were murdered in retaliation while Kim Jong Un cheered his completely insane mentor in Moscow by firing missiles

 Brutal - Vadim Beloslyudtsev(would travel through Moscow to bit north east of Moscow like Ivanovo/Иваново - Yuzha Южа area as I was at his home as well - totally opposite direction of from where he was killed in Kaluga area) became involved in MK Ultra immediately upon completion of training for pilot of Tu-22M3 bomber(he was a trained pilot and have worked previously in other two Russian airbases, however, with I think MIG airplanes) and have instead of advancing his service(he was doing training at that point - probably 1998) proceeded to become test subject in Poland just as the case was with Hollywood actors lets say Charlie Sheens/Vin Diesel/Paul Walker etc... upon his completion of hunger games in Poland best to his abilities to present Putin in brightest light possible, he insisted on continuation of training for nuclear bomber despite as Russian side gestured were offers to him inside of Russian government - he was assigned permanent to Tu-22M3 by Putin. Putin who in 2017 begun to threaten me with I cite, "if you ever state again a negative word against me your friends will begun to die as I planted for everyone of them a deadly mechanisms - in Vadim and two other friends you have case, it will be a catapult seat that I will utilize to get them killed".

I was then taken on a runaway by what was younger pilot(most likely man who did fastened his belt and survived while other three didn't have time - its what he insisted me case will be and there is nothing he can do as military in Russia is held to perform as told at gunpoint) and demonstrated me how plot will be done. insisted me that Putin has ability to catapult via Bluetooth that nuclear bombers are equipped with such devices in case pilots need assistance or if performing against instructions/mission. He ended with tears in his eyes asking me to please not write "bad" about Vlad...

On Vladimir Putin just so that I wouldn't forget death threat of those who embraced me, did orchestrated via Lavrov/Medvedev incident on a runaway - talking about 2017 in which everyone did survived at Airbase "Shaykovka" Авиабаза "Шайковка...

North Korea WHICH CONTINUES TO PROVE THERE IS SOMEONE MORE INSANE EVEN THAT VLADIMIR PUTIN(even that Putin is mentor of Kim Jong Un and one wouldn't act as insane as one does if it wasn't for Putin) IN THIS WORLD fires off first missile test since Biden took office 

I have proofs that Putin and Aleksandar Vucic planted also war against me via health care issues against parents right here in Slovenia - dental issues were one of such issues. THE SAME THING OR YOU WILL WRITE LIKE THIS OR IT WILL BE LIKE THIS AND LIKE THAT NOT ONLY AGAINST YOU BUT ALSO YOUR PARENTS.


I even visited Vadim Beloslyudtsev(they brought me to him when subjected to MK Ultra) on his foreign missions where he would be dispatched occasionally as base near Kaluga was his official permanent one ever since 2000.

Vladimir Putin - now that is a totally MAD MAN is a secret no more. Sicker than sick. Sick as it gets. Its how one saves money for his chairs(toilet paper) inside of 1.5 billion $$ new palace...I think he will have to pay visitors to visit him just as used to pay to Western media to boast lies about one.

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