Thursday, March 18, 2021

RUSSIAN GANGSTER STATE IN INDEPENDENT SLOVENIA: MK Ultra Humiliations in 1995 at memorials dedicated to WWll partisans in Slovenia

Here is how Vladimir Putin and Aleksandar Vucic penetrated into newly reestablished independent Slavic state across the eastern Europe - got me even directly involved against those. Must say Donald Trump was(STILL IS) a great tool for two totally by gangsters controlled regimes.
Video 1 of 2 can be also seen at

Video 2 of 2 can be also seen at
My music collection ranged anywhere from techno, rap, hip-hop to heavy metal - but it was Slovenian group Laibach that was of Russian interest to them(not Tina turner or Whitney Houston, but whatever their interest was to depict me as). Once told under MK Ultra that even son of Miro Berger was labeled as nazi due to same taste for music - I said to myself how good it was I immigrated to America as no Slovenian was/is fit to exist. I became even more determine on never returning...its why I stayed in US for 11.5 years without a single visit to Europe for which I would pay out of my own pocket...and when I returned, I returned with some $30.000 cash in my pocket and new car just in case - I was right about it.

Sentenced into mental hospital and charged with hate crime by those who were committing one against me over the course of 17 years.

Yes I do have audios of people I met with whom I spent time under MK Ultra even in Siberian concentration camps(and imprisoned in Moscow where called a criminal) where I was told(I describe them and they confirmed me accounts) by Putin and his mafia apparatus would be sent as an American citizen with EU citizenship...

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