Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Father insists for months already to have pain in his teeth - his dentist chosen by mom and him(private clinic involved also in breaking my teeth saga) suggests him at times to take pain killer pills

 Most of the time, however, I bring him into their clinic for teeth repair - took him there at least 5 times since return from Poland(within 6 months) even that he no longer has any teeth left - has implants and denture prosthesis.

The only one with truly broken(since Poland) tooth is myself. This are provocations(I never complained to them about anything concerning myself concerning either teeth or gland nodes or whatever as they are all issues psychiatrists involved against me with anticipation to gain control over me).

Although "new since 2017 for parents", dentist Matjaz Recelj and his wife became involved in this MK Ultra case already in 1996 if not even 1995.

Psychiatry in my case came out as one ultra violent profession violating every code of human ethics and every code concerning physical torture issues and this is a bad news for Peter Kaps who is almost a neighbor from Matjaz Recelj.

I have impossibly lost(THEY DESTROYED ONE) first tooth in year 2006 upon return from USA - at age 35 and parents along dentists insisted me on even breaking my jaws to get teeth out under MK Ultra procedure.

I will now go and do as told under MK Ultra by niece and her husband - look for dentist who will assist father as "demented complaining about tooth pain is suggested to take pain killers" is unacceptable. Ohh and by writing here seen, I caused father problems now as they will have to do something to one as a result of written just to cover-up lies against me is also what I was told under MK Ultra..."don't say anything don't say anything as if you do he or mom will be in trouble more and more eventually system will get read of the two".

I don't complain - I go on on my own with it at disappointment of those who lied and continue to lie to get their political agenda going. Will mention no names here, but its obvious.

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