Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Its like this

I now fully understand importance of present and previous landlors...they are not less guilty than others who at time of search for place of stay wouldnt rent me a place do(we are talking about hostels here). I get it. Kaczynsku's police is in control. So is what Duda/ Morawiecki/ think.

Here are facts on what now:
Will not rent via exhtortion options like this. Will make sure no Ukrainian(forget about Ruskies) is even near next place.

Confession to make:
Was not in church now for at least 6 months...was seldome in church due to MKultra brainwash in Grotnikih on how I have to pay/contribue each time lots if money...the worst is that you cant dedicate prayer to lord due to constant sound in head...even worse perhaps a knowledge that someone(just as the case was in Belarus - 2017) is trying to sell your God to someone else. Praying along with people who know not better than coughing after commiting horrific crime which ruined 24 years of my life is not for me.

Go figure yourself who they are as a people/nation - whatever. There is such God that will hear their prayers("holly father, our secret is okay vecause we had to do it this way"), but that one is not mine.

MKultra is a Satanic ritual in case you didnt know. Those who participate in one are Satan's believers.

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