Thursday, December 20, 2018

My roomates deny Polish immigration's allegation on how I destroyed their praying rug

This was allegation which I have faced yesterday in Warszaw. It was expected of me yesterday to even admit destroying their religious rug.

Since I have seen rug in one piece today without slightest harm done to one, I have asked them how come that one is not destroyed...have mentioned accusation which I have faced yesterday in respect to one in Warsaw and was told that no one stated on how I destroyed one.

Never mind...according to MKultra scenario, the two will be called by immigration and state on how my stepping on one equaled to destruction of religious rug.

And there you have blocked into room when on my way to lunch because several people decide to lay their holly rug all over the room(never mind local chappel made for this purposes or to consider another room, but instead come into one where Christian is to orchestrate bullying) during lunch hours and accuse me of being agressive and even choping one in pieces as state employee gestured with her hands yesterday.

I don't like idea even about soft version of USSR - something I was gestured Poland would be and how I should just accept it as such.

All the damage done to me and use of directed energy weapons was off course a joke only. Hypertension - brain cancer are classified as jokes only...nevertheless, I enjoyed trip to Warszaw.

Thank you😂 J. ;) you are angel. I forgot to thank the two boys as was late to get off the train in W.

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