Thursday, December 27, 2018

Lukashenko starts "heated" discussion with Putan Putanowich, but not for legitimate reasons.

Putin bows to him and whole thing looks like as if is at least a bit real...
Lukashenko obtained with gimmick even my attention. It sure sounded legitimate to me and so I made even a video in support to him(already deleted - sorry for that matter Lukashenko), but it came to me a scenario from MKultra when brainwashed on how my Polish language skills will be only used in Belarus(not in Poland - this is just how violent Ruskies were and are - police officer who howers in Polish immigration system already for many years by the name Valerio and who was involved in MKultra is worry free relaxing in a very same center as I am where he was transferred from very same center very same day as I was) where I would assist him as his assistant due to Polish minority in Belarus. 

Further(I wouldn't even mentioned above stated as I try to refrain myself from MKultra scenarios as much as possible and push them forward whenever I have credible and sufficient evidence behind me, but here is why I take credit for claims), how come you Lukashenko didn't ask Putanowich about MONEY which was squeezed from your economy for no less than 18 years by Moscow with whole idea of war against Ukraine and possibly Baltic states !!?????? 

Your gas concerns Mr. Lukashenko are legitimate(ja, its really really cool that you mention Germany with much higher standard located 3000km further from Belarus and express concern for WWII veterans - associate whole thing into a beautiful package), but Polish state can confirm(here is another proof of MKultra) that your state people complained to other state employees about coming war in Ukraine for which Moscow was squeezing you already for OVER decade and half in advance !!!  

So if you want to look for real money(real money is in what you have stated as nothing can and should replace Slavic unity for the sake of common prosperity - WARS as you know do the opposite), you should change tables more aggressively.

I cite under MKultra, "hurry..hurry with your Polish language skills, so we can return to Belarus".

Something I am not interested in(beside personal reasons that tie me to Poland) as I know damn well I do not wish to have children born in a dead end system or waste myself for dead end system(you can change Russian mentality for the sake of Poland and Russia and Ukraine etc. from Poland, but in nooooo way can you change anything for anyone in or from Russia - Belarus is Russia to make myself clear).

You don't need me in Russia to change things for need me in Russia to screw me up. 

When you Russia will(you never will as we all know, but I will repeat to you this anyways so you can have a good dreams tonight) become for us Slavs outside of your borders what USA was/is for Germany, Brittain, France, Italy, Scandinavia, Holland, etc., you will also not have any problems inside or outside of your system, but this will never ever happen because there is no way to get your insecure controlling mentality out of are addicted to breaking laws/treaties...addicted to uncivilised inhumane violent practices(just as abusive husband is addicted to abusive controlling behavior of his wife) which reflect your real you across the world. So keep dreaming.

Despite what Lukashenko orchestrated to me under MKultra in Belarus, I am not angry at him or anyone else for that matter...I just wish(lets say for as long as he would - Lukashenko is also facing serious backlash in Belarus from opposition and while such issue is not mentioned in this short clip, Lukashenko counts on cutback of one), he could use his knowledge to empower our people across the entire Slavic spectrum(beautiful is Belarus - home to many beautiful minorities of which one also is Polish) instead of bowing to crazy Moscow which headed into dead end street(Moscow is becoming more and more reliant on foreign technology/oilexport and as such does not even have any longer own politics - at times completely lost Moscow became Marionette in hands of West...Moscow is pushing beside terrorism against brotherly nations across the Eastern Europe a domestic believe in itself via repeated schizophrenic comparisons/views such as "whole world against can we go against whole world etc. while engaging in open aggression/wars across the borders" - Moscow today is as such totally useless domestically and abroad even as Marionette and will over time end on a junk/depository of human history...real tragedy is that we are and will be all effected along with one).

Very good play between the two of you, but not good enough for Auser Times.

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