Wednesday, December 26, 2018

NOZ ZICA SREBRENICA - What Kadirovs in centre are advocating as Muslims makes to me as much sense as cleaning last year's snow on a summer of 2019

Advocating as Muslim thisž,_žica,_Srebrenica people, makes you look very very strange  - not only in my eyes, but also in eyes of others(incl. Real Muslims) who came to same conclusion as I did. And last, nor would Christ or Allah pay attention(answer prayers) to people who act in opposite from what Bible or Koran ask from them - would you yourself answer calls to someone who engages in criminal behaviour and keeps calling your name attacked the front gate of your home !!!?????

 I don't think so...with supporters like this(some trace straight to Moscow and to Kadirov), you can only hide under the bed and begun to pray for yourself...
Why would any real Muslim support beasts like this is out of my ability to understand. We have plenty supporters of what you see here in Slovenia(from POLICE, judicial system, psychiatry, state employment agencies, and even on the top of the state - Borut Pahor as well as Milan Kucan were/are both stounch supporters of animals sen here and both got support for supporting animals from Kaczynsky brothers as well as from Milos Zeman - the two gave green light to Serbs for new ethnic cleansing against Croats, Slovenes, Kosovars, Bosniacs, Macedonians, and even Montenegrin - The two gave green light to above mentioned Slivenian beasts to even reclassify Slovenian nation from Western Slavic group into Southern Slavic group - ethnic cleansing scenario repeated from Adolf Hitler's book)

As result of animals supporting animals, we have today war in Ukraine, underground war in Slovenia, which soon will grow into open one(if Ukraine falls, Russia will given total support to Serbia for recreation of what used to be Yugo Slavia/Serbia) against Kosovo, Croatia, Macedonia, Bosnia, Montenegro, and Slovenia.

Srebrenica - or what Serbs have done in a single small town located in Bosnia to Muslim population.
But they have done the same to Crimean Tatars and Ukrainians. THEY WERE AND ARE IN EASTERN UKRAINE AND CRIMEA WHERE THEY SLIT THROATS OF TATAR AND UKRAINIAN POPULATION - IN FACT THEY LESSONED RUSSIANS ON HOW TO ACT AS ANIMALS. And they would have done the same Poles and Slovaks and Czechs and so on if they only could...
Ukrainians and Russians share similar DNA, now think what Russians would have done to Poles if they had grip on them(proximity location) as they have on Ukrainians..

Their commander is a POLICE OFFICER VALERIO FROM MINSK which is using four other direct subordinates to control entire network of this so called Muslims that steal from, insult, bully, sabotage equipment of someone who has no link whatsoever that would suggest anti Muslum activity and is well known(by far the most known openly outspoken MKultra case ever) journalist/activist.

 They are in war with someone who stood up against Putan Putanowich and his criminal Moscow/Belgrade war with someone who pledged to expose entirely and charge via courts countries Slovenia, Serbia, Russia for most severe acts of genocide against humanity conducted on him.
Politicians who were here almost yesterday with them(it ended in 2006) and have used even wives are long gone loughing from far(watching the show which came to an end)...they left behind only swift reminders of what could be done to them as well if not obedient and everyone(except few, but its questionable even how long they will last) is compliant with whatever.

Case is heading to European Court of Human rights as designed bye Kaczynski's team which will use this very opportunity to strip Poland of more souverenity in front of Berlin(there will be blackmailing "hush hush" offer on the table from Berlin's side and some traitors from Polish side can't wait to sign one...Valerio looks as happy as clown and how not - access to justice system was and will be denied to me in yet another European country)....

A small red fascist tsar running his own kingdom
I was told under MKultra all kind of dyarea if not picking sides between Russians and Muslims...will reserve for MKultra marathon video which Polish Sovietchicks have prepared ;) will reveal whole thing about Kaczynski as we are not anywhere even near in line with agreement.

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