Saturday, July 18, 2020

Several Poles expressed me total dissatisfaction(directly) with election of Andrzej Duda while some took out at stores to even pose me with shirts "guy from here"

I will continue to stay committed to Poland which will stand up for justice - equal for all Pollacks and foremost for us Slavs to see our-self as humans equal as to Westerners inside and outside of our homelands. 

Strive toward special relationship between Poland and Ukraine which Polish politic despite stronger economic position never ever managed to accomplish - exactly the opposite was and still is the case. Strive towardimprovemet n of democracy in Russia via both mentioned countries and NOT by followng example of failed Polish diplomacy to which no one these days possibly can trust.

Thank you to Poles for expressing me dissatisfaction with Duda and for the rest I just don't care.

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