Sunday, July 26, 2020

Residents kept cats locked on the side - were using me instead to feed them and for the kittens to get used to those who utterly terrorized them

 Cats disappeared already on several occasions like this. This was repeated procedure with all cats/kittens Americans alone attempted to bring up. Upon my investigation, side door in the rear of the main was left open to remind me of past about what they had going on here(cats were probably lured through here as they always head in this direction, but returned via garage door through broken glass window into area where I am at). During investigation while standing at the side door, my camera on android was jammed and wouldn't start what was used to return cats via garage doors which I have indicated they used as a escape route when chased by dog.

Cats no longer eat and this started several days ago. Have also observed individual(he was musician and pro Trump as it gets - Obama have bitten false bait in respect to this individual) who would keep one of the cats always on property to attempt to blend his voice(presence) into mine each time i would play with cats outside - he knows cat's behavior very well and all thanks to this property where they experimented with cats.
This here is what is used for cats to return I anticipate - side door as as seen above was cemented in 2013 or so I think. This is at least what I was told bye police alone which was here during MK Ultra. Could be could not be cemented, all I know for is that we would enter through this side door and go straight to front of the building incl. bath area on bottom floor next to which musician lives.

 They eat no more. Occasionally and only whatever is best meaning there is food elsewhere.

Wall-nut placed next to tipped over dish during my video recording of second part(neighbor did - they video monitor just as they promised would - everything) - yes I document everything and as I stated there is a whole a lot to be released in respect to this case. You don't support(you failed to support) and as a result other priorities took replaced the importance of proofs.

It is important to get police here on Monday to ensure that another cat will not be settled here with same issues - even firecracker was thrown in the morning the other day.

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