Saturday, July 18, 2020

Cats are traumatized as a result of today's water saga from neigbor

It was yelling in front of cats before,and so I will stop at the police deportment on Monday.

Clothing which I have used to accommodate cats might have been sprayed with something to keep them away from sleeping on one as well(they only use one blanket, but not because of its colors as they attempted to brainwash under MK Ultra).

I don't care about side police will take - what matters here is that I cover my ass in same for as the case was with car, so if I do find myself on court I can point out to judge what the case was also with my other reports submitted to police and even state prosecutor - police is quite irrelevant in this whole thing and its mistake I made when I became angry with what went on with police.

Individual talked also about how I will not make it - its what they brainwashed case will be in case I would have conflict with residents or landlords on MK Ultra locations - even how they will communicate and warn one another about my doing a normal thing I guess from human perspective. Bunch of whack jobs(crackpots) as far as I am concerned.

Cats prefer to stay away now despite my holding petting earlier today...

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