Sunday, July 19, 2020

Cats traumatized nowhere to be seen(food waiting in vain for nothing) - one of the shirts stolen last night after placing them to dry and placed back so I could go pick one up in-front of individual upstairs who begun to further insult

I played with cats outside just some 10 meters away from entrance to my studio last this morning at about 0100 am hoped they return, but instead they are completely out of the sight. Will contact animal rights groups as well and not only police on Monday.

This individual repeated pool procedure with water to Americans who, however, have never done anything about it - instead insisted me these is when you loose cats for reporting one to police.

This are some of the facts about pristine American(wheather you want to call them Tr(D)umpists or whatever) friendship between myself and them in Poland.

Its police that cover up all this(they didn't design this abuse, but they sure cover up one).

I anticipate they terrorized cats this morning to the point those may already be lodging even in the forest as the result of abuse.

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