Friday, July 31, 2020

First thing Monday(will happen already before), I will file criminal charges against police officer investigating vehicle scam

This friend of his did him no good. Second, they would take orders from foreign politicians of all walks of life and as long those would pay waiters bill I would be served with all their peculiar demands. IF I WOULD BE CAPABLE TO FULFILL ENTIRE LIST WRITTEN DOWN BY POLISH HAND WITHOUT COMPLAINING ABOUT ANYTHING AT ALL, I TOO WOULD BE ENTITLED TO BECOME POLISH ROYALTY 😁😈 ITS A LONG LIST I HAVE VIDEO/AUDIO RECORDED I AM AFRAID.

I was basically used(designated for) to pay every bill foreign and domestic criminals have arraigned/signed for.

Waiters were no one other than polish police on behalf of Kaczynski/Andrzej Duda/ Morawiecki - all claimed I will pay them bills. Okay then. Lets see what else I will pay.


This is why and how. This is what you have voted for and I will deliver it to you.

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