Friday, July 31, 2020

I charge investigating police(investigating car fraud for which I filed several months ago) officer designated to me by state prosecutor with attempted murder

Video can be also seen at
If you pay attention to timing, one can see video was posted online approximately 2 and 1/2 hours ago. Ever since I was followed by police all the way to even entrance to this residence.

This took place on Tuesday during my job search and its what Poland again VOTED for.

This police officer was involved in my MK Ultra case since at least 2010. One of the individuals he befriended during MK Ultra and arraigned plot against me attempted to literately cause fatality using hoe against me(worse than baseball bat) after stalking me on hill in-front of Institute of Polish Mother's Health Center. 

I know individual since 2003(his mother gave one property - individual became involved in MK Ultra and promised me along with police as seen here) when there were no houses nothing in area and we would cross hill on foot to get faster to the city.

No wonder police officer from Lodz didn't investigate my case - never heard from one to very today and you can see dated complain. He was busy with other issues behind my back.

Once I entered individual's property which gate was wide open in the back of the property as seen here, I proceeded to exit gate which, however, was closed.


As I was advised to get lost out of owner's property(inherited one from momma as I stated and field behind house where there was no sign or fence whatsoever - without anything that would suggest private property), he would continue to follow me aggressively on what one physically attacked me once outside of the gated property. As I continued to walk away from property bulky individual(probably about 1.9 meter tall) followed me and assaulted me for the second time pushing my telephone of my hands on what I declined to as he anticipated - run away. Instead stood ground and advised one to distance himself from me, but he refused and instead ran for hoe with idea to beat me up - I suppose kill me.

Telephone which one kicked out of my hands was used for me to document place of attack.

Its when I placed glasses down(backpack - everything to defend myself) for the second time and its when he changed his mind about further escalation after waving base of hoe at me.....

Everything is also audio recorded and will go live this weekend.

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