Tuesday, July 21, 2020

I honestly don't know what am I gonna do - its like my family

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The biggest mistake people make(specially children do) is irresistible desire to hug pet cat(dogs are different) but cats are just as they are. 

I guarantee you for the best relationship between you and cat if half wild, one must give her a time to approach on her own. Here is how far we got so far(they visit me also inside the studio). Whoever will get these cats will have THE opportunity to grow something special with them. What you see here is unusual as soon as anyone approaches on far distance, cats are gone. They hide themselves under the trash and in the grass - raspberry bushed with sharp thorns protect them :)))) but little by little(would have been 100x times better already if not terrorized) they are coming closer and closer...

I placed a good amount of effort for them to make as easy as possible transition with humans and are very healthy. Fed with prime chicken, pasta, salami, eggs, occasional buttermilk mixed with either rice or pasta(best cure for stress if you happen to have small ones at home yourself), and so on...they climb tree like squirrels and are just real treat for the eyes. Momma cat is super loving cat and as protective as any mother possibly could be. But she introduces me to her young ones(this goes along difficult even with home grown cat and this are half wild) as the two of us built very special relationship....just as seen here and she would go and call them to get to know me(keeps convincing them to come closer - calls them to eat and so on) - she does as seen here for small ones to learn to keep close to me. Extremely beautiful animals for those who appreciate it really.

They will have to go for adaption I know - I was even told once I place movie as seen here online, they will be taken away from me. Perhaps psychologist girl would want to adapt two or three😄...

They are not ready for adaption yet. I should hold them in my hands first(pet them) and then slowly hand them over to whoever would come to pick them up one by one, so they would understand the person is to be trusted...this is a normal procedure for pets given away.

Updated next day on 22nd bye adding this link https://ausertimes.blogspot.com/2020/07/landlord-seems-headed-on-his-old.html


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