Friday, July 24, 2020

REPUBLICAN NEONAZI LIES: The theory about Bill Gates and Coronavirus and brain implants SIMPLY A LUNACY

was made by Republican party to bully him into cooperation with Donald Trump - nazism that is. Some insane democrats led by traitor democrats buy into one. They attempted the same with China blaming one for Coronavirus(either cooperate with nazism or we will found you guilty of all counts - regula CIA job)

Bill Gates is on your side dummies and HAS TO DO HIS PART from their perceptive to be entitled to anything(he did very little if you ask me personally) - indifferent from many others with money of which some are even blacks(Kanye West for example).

Its either like this in America or you are not. Even Borut Pahor/Andrzej Duda and others understand now(waaaay too late as they screwed me and Poland/E. Europe badly badly $$$ - opened doors instead to Buckingham palace rather than to myself through whom many investors pledged to load this part of the world with money without Western interference in one already in 2006) the concept on how American deep state works. I am just angry that I had to pay for their ignorance to which they alone now(when case shouldn't be - they are now pushing nazism forward and its when we should all oppose to one even if dragged into nazi circle for the sake of money) are kin too.

Bill Gates HATES NAZISM. Bill Gates wants good relations with both - India(he is in IT business lol - he needs visas issued for students from India/China to remain number one in his field - there literately is war that goes on between him and Trump) and China and Eastern Europe.

If support for such lunacy will continue to grow, Gates eventually(is not as big as China for one thing and he is becoming chocked even by those whom he supports) will have to chose the side and I fear it will be the wrong one this time - time to defend Bill Gates or face consequences of lunacy.

Updated after US elections on November 16th, 2020. Its a simple thing, I was threatened by Bill Gates and several other multibillionaires on how they will side with Donald Trump in case I would open my mouths about what went on.

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