Monday, July 27, 2020

Here is THE man who claimed to have broken spine because of ME

Now president of Slovenian claimed to have gone through entire program in Poland just to demonstrate his pledge to push my cause for the sake of Poland via forced employment and psychiatry - through. Then in 2018(three years after Andrzej Duda signed fascist agreement with Italy and Germany - something Borut Pahor was also completely acquainted about), he sent me to Poland with words, "Se if there s anything you can still do for Poland as is most likely all too late".

Borut Pahor was not the only Slovenian who claimed to have spine broken due to what went on in Poland...he used other Slovenians who claimed me prior to marathons on how broken discs aren't big deal due to surgeries which can completely eliminate injuries.

What it feels to have herniated disc injury !!???? Pain in right hand even during sleep which extends to the bottom of he right leg. It doesn't go away and will stay like this(probably worse) for the rest of my life.

Poland, this is where physician even faked examination roentgen picture - national health services declined to assist with therapist, social security gave one month of social support, and via employment services from where repeatedly discouraged to even report for work compelled into second employment which required manual transportation of heavy cables and twisting spine for entire 8 hour of work. During Coronavirus "crises" to be as good as dead.

Pahor is most capable at one thing - being a traitor(he can move mountains with his lies not only tires with bare hands). He is by far the best at that. See he, Warszaw, along with Moskowitzi already plan on more problems for me in Slovenia which return they anticipate. The last chance for me according to MK Ultra is a couple seen here

This is the man who called me traitor ladies and gentlemen...he along Duda/Putin and others - now look who is what is !!! 

This individual is also hiding behind Janez Janša(again present prime minister who presents himself in public as Berlin's agent - was in the office from 3 December 2004 – 21 November 2008 - and then again in 2012/2013 next to Janez Drnovšek / Danilo Türk/ Pahor alone) whom system used already in the past for persecution cover-up against me and then deep faked persecution against him alone and so on and so forth, so no one could point in Pahor's direction. 


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