Tuesday, July 21, 2020

SOLD: Poland to get beautiful credits from Germany - lots lots of money

There is nothing left to Poles, but to celebrate big Polish victory this year https://www.msn.com/ - US investments in Poland exceed 63 Billion Dollars already :))))
Well, I am glad it all worked out for Poland just as one planned on too.
What is means is that Polish people will worry less and less and less(its called consumer society with very fast tempo of life - so fast and with so many problems that people loose track of what they do)...they will take more and more and more credits and government will come out with more and more lies to cover up more and more crime against own people and FINALLY at one point when no longer will even matter, Poland no longer will exist. It happened many times before, but before that happens - turn the music on ;)

When Poland voted in 2020 :)))

US investments in Poland have already totalled USD 62.7 billion, including over 50 percent or USD 38.3 billion, which have been underestimated, the Development Ministry wrote on Monday in a report covering the last 30 years.
Deputy PM Jadwiga Emilewicz told PAP that US business "has been making a huge contribution to the development of the Polish economy while a considerable part of US investments is of an innovative nature."
Emilewicz underlined that the position of US companies in Poland "is the result of a long history of investments and the development of US business in Poland."
"That is why one should take into account not only the value of these investments but also their assets which are worth over PLN 200 billion (USD 51.3 billion)," she said, adding that their employment numbers exceeded 300,000.
According to a report by the KPMG audit-advisory company, US investments in Poland account for 11 percent of all foreign investments in this country while the invested capital is estimated at USD 24.4 billion. But their undervalued capital could even be worth USD 38.3 billion.
KPMG added that many US companies operating in Poland represent the technological and IT sectors, like, for example, Google, Microsoft, Cisco, Dell, Intel, Motorola, or IBM, and that they open R&D centres in this country.
The Development Ministry underlined that Polish-US cooperation has been developing, and that in 2019, the US was Poland's eighth biggest economic partner with regard to imports and exports. In 2019, Poland's exports to the US grew by 4.3 percent year on year to nearly USD 7.6 billion, and imports went up by 10.7 percent to USD 8.5 billion

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