Sunday, July 19, 2020

@Americans - before voting, its law and security that must be assured - then you go and vote what means that Trump must me arrested and trialed.

Then presidential candidates you deem as suitable can used in election process.
As far as right wing being armed its easy. Open military depot and arm public to assist US military in cleanup operation as is THE one and only way to deal with armed terrorists.

This alone was done in Slovenia during 1991 when under siege by mindless Yugoslav military(Serbian occupation)

80% of Americans(Trump doesn't have even 10% of real supporters behind him - he has nothing as even whatever supported one left his too obvious movement) who oppose Trump will restore law/order quickly in America. Those of Trump's supporters who prefer guns(since they anticipate and crave for armed conflict) over equality sent to the right PLACE AND TIME on time, so more innocent freedom loving people won't have to suffer consequences of his hateful lunatic.

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