Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Idiot was preparing for his "cognitive" test 12 years prior to becoming president - he should have learned answers to his cognitive test withing 12 years period no !!????

Whatever test results were(nobody gives a s***) as this man is so phony as no other human being prior to him. 

He is a stable genius in environment when compared to lets say to totally disadvantaged people(people who totally struggle with survival and he loves game of death/life watching people grasping for air - became famous bye pissing on US constitution), other than that guy is complete idiot(insensitive as it gets). He speaks half English as you see - his native language.

His IQ explained = watching his own momma choking at the table(talking laud/laughing) till someone finally gets enough of his attention to actually plug his brain enough to understand she is choking...

 Trump is a pathological liar(liar before idiot - a stone who always was in Mount Rushmore - there before any US president I admit)

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