Saturday, July 18, 2020

Andrzej Duda(unless they faked me to under MK Ultra) did told Pahor about Polish fascist agreement he made during his vacations in Italy in 2015 - however, after one was caught with pants down

Truth or not truth - I do not know. Concerns MK Ultra 2015 trip to Poland which ended again in Slovenia from Slovenian side were enormous. What exactly went on - have two sides discussed whole thing or not is, however, questionable. Pahor either way according to information passed down to me had nooooo clue about what went on with Duda in 2015(could have been he learned from it all just upon releasing my news few days ago) till Duda already made agreement according to whoever interpreted his view to me under MK Ultra in 2015.

Slovenian national resistance(Osvobodilna Fronta Slovenije) of which member I am and will stay for good, would have never ever forgive me involvement of any kind with western neonazi world. There is noooo space in one other than to serve interests to those whose they represented during nazi attempt to delete out tiny nation from the face of the earth and this fact tells all you need to know about me.

As far as Polish politic as is of today there is no space for one anywhere in world of Slavic affairs either. I am determined to come to the bottom to any attempt to undermine one by anyone.

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