Monday, July 27, 2020

@Russia - Don't destroy legacy of Lenin by a bunch of lying cheating power grab leeches who push between Stalinism and tsarism

Please use common sense - brain. Concentrate on modern economy and reject notion of slavery of any kind. Russia became a free society with termination of Stalin and even what was far worse - tsar.

No modern country is using tsar of any kind. British royals are a decorations only, but decoration can become extremely dangerous instrument of manipulation if foreign system exposes itself to corruption possibilities - watch video to understand what I mean.

People like Putin(a regular nobody and nothing with lawyer liar degree who learned how to stab people in the back with lies and foremost to steal from deserved) no longer even see themselves as part of Russia as lies create them and to cover up lies, new lies must be produced(more dead people and as a result more connected to foreign than domestic politic politicians are created).

Everything Putin has, has it thanks to my MK Ultra case. Don't allow Putin/Zhirinovsky to steal from you even Lenin's AND WWII victory legacies that gave you a facial form of human being.

 They need to be jailed if anything.

Don't go backwards !!! Continue economy forward(REJECT ORWELLIAN TRAP) just as all developed nations.

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