Thursday, July 16, 2020

Chrissy Teigen involved in MK Ultra( participated even in Poland in one) HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH EITHER EPSTEIN AND EVEN LESS DONALD TRUMP - it doesn't get better than Chrissy Teigen if you are worried about her because


'Worried for my family': Chrissy Teigen blocks 1M Twitter accounts linking her to Jeffrey Epstein

she heavily objected and to nazism issues and to all other forms of demented Trump who was desperately trying to impose them onto others via corruption issues. I was actually told because of stated above that they will do something to Chrissy Teigen at her home location where she sleeps and that has to do something with installation of some sort of electronic gadget which would interfere with her during sleep - truth or not I have no clue about it. Another individual who participated in MK Ultra and who shocked me during Trump's presidency even that she always was anti fascist is Taylor Swift. Hat down to both ladies.

Whether she saw man or not, it maters not. I know Chrissy was hated for being herself(proud) of mixed heritage and the one hated her with passion was envious Melania Trump due Chrissy's great looks ;)

Nor does Bill Gates have anything to do with Trump/Epstein/Andrew's stupidities. Leave normal people out of Trmp's asylum and those who go after them acknowledge as enemies(these are regular Trumpists - fascists out there killing last bit of sanity in whatever is left of normal America as theyare trying to drive world insane in quest for war) as honorable people despite wealth aren't worth less than any of you.

Auser Times awards Chrissy Teigen with rating 10 of 10(as 10 highest score) as per being a human being ;)

I remember seen here was scarce very you still remember those days !!???


Chrissy Teigen, an outspoken mother-of-two who is no stranger to Twitter trolls, has resorted to blocking over a million accounts propagating  conspiracy theories linking the star to convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. 
Teigen has faced a barrage of "scary harassment," she says, since, following the arrest of his longtime associate Ghislaine Maxwell, some social media users alleged that Teigen once flew on Epstein's private jetThe cookbook author says she was also accused of being a "pedophile."

Teigen vehemently denied the allegations. "I have never even met the man," she tweeted on July 10, referring to Epstein. "Or been to the island. Or on the plane."

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