Saturday, July 25, 2020

Individual above me who tipped over pool of water to scare cats now threw with viscous force from his balcony a green wall-nuts

I deem for individual to be mentally ill to put it plane. He also insisted during MK Ultra to Americans on being main individual to use directed energy weapons against me when time comes. Cats terrorized and practically not allowed to approach what as a result will end with unsuccessful in respect to adaption as I planned on. I only have 11 days more left here.

Cats ran away, but in the evening as storm arrived they crushed for few minutes inside of my flat and this right on the spot which I created for them. Momma became the most loving cat I have ever seen. She is super gentle with me as well. 

Very communicative/expressive. Talks and comes for a regular visits. Is in deep need of love. Loves to be touched. Love seems to be more important factor to her than food. Its what happens with well treated abandoned animals. They are deeply grateful for human touch and a plate of food. Kittens are most beautiful angels(black like a night - hard to spot in the dark). I would love nothing more than to keep them....

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