Thursday, July 16, 2020

Antoni Macierewicz knew everything about Duda and Italian prime minster's meeting(FASCIST COOPERATION AGREEMENT BETWEEN TWO COUNTRIES) in Tuscany italy

He talked to me upon return from Italy to Warszaw about my coming MK Ultra case, so I feel pity for young Poles inside of the Sejm who are there for nothing other than to learn lie politic from older generations via tragedies just as crash of 2010 was and case of my own.

Antoni Macierewicz is individual who delayed plane crash investigation(also known as see nothing, heard nothing, know nothing) in 2010 for entire 10 years till my case begun to develop. Not to reveal either of the two, but to create implicitly of tragedy with which I was completely familiarized(updated me even with prior to crime information on how one will happen - insisted me on how it was all my fold off course) for me to talk about and its what was used to gesture in Sejm(Pol. for parliament) how therefore is impossible to admit truth as would turn Polish politic around. Same followed with Coronavirus with which they acquaintance me with, but what was designed for global issue. The difference between Stalinism and Orwelianism(so called democracy) is none. In both people kept silent due to fear.

As far as Grzegorz Schetyna who was just like Antoni Macierewicz involved in MK Ultra case from beginning stage only I can play you audio recording of man from Ustronie who cursed him out like no tomorrow - he would go out there to meet people gesturing them on how one is opposition from Kaczynski just to get them afterwards served hot on plate to Kaczynski. He insisted in the end(in 2003/2004 already) for Kaczynski on how he even got him subjected to MK Ultra and is therefore nothing he can do for me.

Both there to hype with issues to collect information(gather as much as possible information from people who know) and have government services follow up -silence every source of information afterwards. Teach younger generations of see nothing, hear nothing, know nothing.

Finally without complete cover-up, "Kaczysnki"'s politic(yes, there is more to one than just Kaczynski/ Duda, Morawiecki) wouldn't be possible on the first place.

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