Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Kardashians/Kanye West bipolar situation just used via MK Ultra brainwash to gesture me to stay away from

mentioned psychologist as this was supposed to be the case according to the two - Kanye had me on his property and inside of his Russian made vehicles I think each time whenever brought to US. No way will he divorce his wife...she would have to dump him several stones on his head for that matter. The two are happy together as two birds. All good Kanye just express more support for your community please. 

Mentioned psychologist is according to my views truly special girl. She knew a lot, but truly from alien perspective(how could she possibly know and even understand in environment like this !!??? Even if all facts were laid down in-front of her feet !!???? How !!???) is how I see it as. She nevertheless insisted and insisted on hanging around me when subjected to MK Ultra and eventually became veteran in the case. As she told me on one occasion, "all I know about psychology is thanks to your case".

You do have to be Bostjan to understand the whole thing(name alone wouldn't rescue you ;-). and  had numerous moments "in between"(you have no clue what it takes to solve case like this - I was told by assistants of Buckingham palace on how it is impossible to solve one due to clientele involved from all backgrounds with issues they created - cluster they created and instruments used such as employment - will never make it).

Kardashian is Armenian and I know her from three perspectives #1 Mother early involvement in MK Ultra 2# Armenian connection as was there many times during MK Ultra and have actual audio recorded proofs for my claim and #3 Kim and Kanye alone ;)

When word is about Armenia, you can't miss Kim Kardashian 😄

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