Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Its called coin spinning(turn the lie to stay politician - more lies produce more lies till politicians kill with lies so many of their own people they no longer even relate to them as their people, but instead see themselves in their colleagues on the other side of the border who entrust them with more and more LIES)

Why do you think Russia(Putin signed nazi contract) is buying gold and why do you think Russia demanded gold instead of cash !!???? Sanctions !!????? What kinds of sanctions !!????? https://www.cnbc.com/2018/07/18/wreck-of-russian-warship-found-believed-to-hold-gold-worth-130-billi.html they found whatever West deposited on old wrack and thats about it.
Check price of gold - see it for yourself what goes on behind BIG Euro Coronavirus deal - our leaders are mentally sick people. FASCISTS/NAZIS ALONE IS WHAT THEY ARE !!! TRAITORS !!!

This is why I was a bad man. For something good there has to be evil...therefore for evil to succeed if evil is pure evil, Jesus must be made look more evil than Lucifer !!! They can do anything(they did in his case) because you allow them so.

Bitcoin and other crypto is just another bait parallel to many other mechanisms they triggered to absorb your mind from what should be reality.

Dying and thinking about Coronavirus stimulus - very very funny, but actually real.

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