Monday, July 20, 2020

From what I remember seeing under MK Ultra was a van that would come to pick up cats

This black cat(I wish I could keep one, but financial situation disallows me to)'s ancestry populated entire area in Stara Gora(area where I am at) as far as I can recall. 

They are everywhere and are deemed by locals as native Polish cats from Lodz.
Half wild, but as gentle as one can possibly imagine. She got used to being next to me and just loves being petted - would come to me and demand me to pet her(this cat is in need of love like every human being). Small ones(kittens) too.

Would refuse best food(they love chicken more than anything - I give them also just half cooked chicken) just so I would pet her...

Meaning they will be transported to local shelter from where redistributed elsewhere.

Landlord actually insisted to Americans on not even feeding animals as they had problem catching them a day prior to pickup.

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