Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Word off course(and its what somehow intercepted more lies from Polish side) is and will be about psychologist Mr. Daniel Smith born in Flagstaff, Arizona who ran whole operation on behalf of Trump and have spent almost 90% of the time next to me whenever brought to Poland after 2000 or so.

He tricked Donald Trump into gamble to post on internet as I explained a tiny bait which either totally resembled or was even taken as a copy of my watch. Prior doing such thing which got my attention on Wikipedia under issue "analog watch", this psychologist did deeper than deep work on me to memorize even text as was written under his Wikipedia profile.

Donald Trump threatened to hide his identity in case something like this would happen. Threatened me to have mechanism in place just in case, but my hour long investigation of issue pointed out main strengths of here stated case alone, so the only tool left to Donald Trump is see nothing, hear nothing, cover-up everything for political elites known as FBI. 

Cover-up of the case, however, will not go through neither his side nor in direction designed by Poland. 

They can kill me in process as far as they can do about it, but thats all there is to it as far as I am concerned. God alone intercepted mentioned plans by both parties involved when one deemed would be the right time to. 

I believe for that same reason, he wouldn't let me see seen many times(it wasn't first time I bumped across that page, its just that this time miraculously in early morning hours I did took time to go over) before until just few days ago.

When with him in 2015, he waited for Peter McLaren to arrive to Poland on what Peter came just briefly to visit - left back(was extremely short on time in 2015 as much as he wanted to come to visit us) ...Mr. Smith impatiently waited and waited on his call which never came - instead they came to pick me up day/two prior to his arrival and transport me to Warszaw where I would go to exactly at what you see here(individual whom Peter used to use frequently during his stays in Poland as a personal service man given to him by Polish government and who hated me dearly have presented himself inside of the car as Peter what was approved by laughing psychologist who set next to us to test my mind according to one back then) - Real Peter McLaren did prior to cameras took me to the side and made me watch wear him dirty snickers as seen here(even that was going to become night - it was dark meaning most likely was slightly raining day I think OR possibility even exist photo was rescheduled to another day and we stayed next door for day perhaps even two what most likely was an option) and for what I do like to thank him as well - he might have done this twice to imprint memory in my mind.

We met him in Warsaw already before.

According to Peter McLaren sometimes in 2013, he never was officially in Lodz with exception of one time that possibility existed might have photoed one when here, but that I wouldn't be capable to prove anything - a nightmare for MK Ultra victim talk. Meaning it was all in Warszaw with private visits to Lodz.

I think both knew what they were doing and along with them everyone else whom mentioned Daniel Smith's word touched. In my opinion, both liked me a lot.

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 They played and played - doubted one and lived in derision/denial - and got owned in the end just on time by one and only.

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