Monday, July 13, 2020

Lucifer entered home - not once...

As soon as he crossed doors entrance into living area and set at the table with owner, he pulled out of his pocket a bag of money which house owner accepted as a down payment...years latter upon completion of  JOB for Lucifer, house owner happily collected second pay from Lucifer...

The question Lucifer was asking me during torture when brought to Poland(country which arraigned meeting with Lucfer for no less than 23years and have proceeded to collect last payment from one for another two years) for torture for no less than 23 consecutive years was I cite, "if they deserved it" :)))

This is politic(far crossed borders of political here) far no more...this is a reality from Joseph Fritzl's basement known as Poland. A sick, psychotic, malicious(CRIMINAL) - evil as it gets and not for the first time attempt to undermine basic human values in a human being whom they have subjected heavily to torture in this very country for their own interests.

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