Monday, July 13, 2020

Twitter criminal JACK DORSEY was at this very location as well what also explains me that

I had no way other than to hate hate hate and hate.
NO RESPONSIBILITIES WHATSOEVER WILL I EVER ASSUME FOR ANYTHING THAT RESULTED VIA WHAT CONSEQUENTLY  TURNED INTO PUBLIC HATRED because of what they have done to me under MK Ultra. Not people not even animals(not even hyenas as I used to saw them as)

I am not surprised I finally begun to praise hatred in 2011. Only question asking myself is why did took me so long. Why did took me 16 years to finally spill rage out of my mouths which was already greatly overdue.

My God, I had FBI and man United Nations people circling around me watching me suffer being tortured and have done absolutely nothing about it...WHY IT TOOK ME SO LONG AND WHY SO LITTLE WHEN COMPARED TO OTHERS WHO SUFFERED JUST 1% OF MY FAITH !!????


I will never ever let Jack Dorsey off the hook. The same to you as what you promised to me. Trump created a bunch of phoneys whom he loaded with $$$ for them to create safety circle around him and this way protect him.

Its like this. NONE of this boys suffered sine injury of any kind. They were lazy - incompetent and pitiful enough to rage against totally defenseless drugged up hijacked US citizen whose rights were totally deprived for the sake of filthier than filthy politics we witness today.

Why so little hatred and why so late from my side, I do not know.

Poland arraigned meeting with Lucifer. Compelled to eat from rusty pans in a place without toilet, without sink, and even without stove and with broken spine - rejected on multiple occasion the right to register at unemployment office, stolen tax reports, denied disability, denied therapists help, compelled to carry with me due to broke spine always 3kg or more backpack, compelled into ice garage and showers without heating in winter time...ongoing attacked with directed energy weapons.

Yes, I can understand my cancer brain cancer leukemia spine broken without the right to sleep whatever situation, but there is one thing I will never do - see myself in these pathetic creatures which Poland arranged for me to meet with. I feel pity for both sides as are un Christian/ un-civilized and as criminal as it gets.

Poland was famous for taking bribes during USSR(not uncommon here to be stopped and have police officer crying you for $$$ for stopping you even illegally on the first place) - nothing ever changed and thats just fine with me. Whatever it take$. Hiding real face behind angels - using Jesus as hostage for the sake of Lucifer. 

Demonstrating(attempt to) us ALL power of LUCIFER OVER GOD - to arrange meeting with one, one has to be guilty for it all if I am correct...understandable.

I will probably be the one who will take away legacy of John Paul II from Poland(not from him, but from Poland). This may very very well happen as I stated.

@JACK DORSEY and all other alike - to lie for the sake of money is a sin. Your sings are irreparable. You hurt me and through me numerous other people, but its okay because in this life, we pay for everything - I never owed to anyone anything as you all know. Perhaps even in next one who knows.

Dorsey cried even about having shoes wet. It was difficult for him to bare with his misery...of all, its perhaps two that suffered some form of spine injury and even for those I am extremely suspicious as most likely was a lie to get me on thin ice.

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