Friday, January 6, 2017

Obama baboons(Black Lives Matter) reach new heights in terror against whites in America !!! Torture of mentally disables white Chicago youngster via Facebook !!! It came from South Africa and is getting stronger by the day thanks to Obama's administration !!!

Trump Supporter with Special Needs Kidnapped & Tortured

The leader of this terrorist baboons(BLM) who have cherished(praised) their violence publicly have changed his mind(read HERE) just 14 days prior to beginning of his new career = advocacy of his genocidal presidency before the people of the United States of America !!! It was Obama's first and last call to end violence against whites in America !!! 2 little 2 late Obama !!!
Here are best video clips on this newest Black Lives Matters incident !!! Incidents which Obama and Sanders have directly and indirectly supported !!! KILL THE WHITEY(cut him, slice him, chop him..) !!! KILL DONALD TRUMP AND THOSE WHO VOTED DONALD TRUMP !!!
The graphic video shows the four suspects yelling "Fuck Trump!" and "Fuck white people!" as they beat and scalp the white victim.
The video also shows the teen being forced to drink water from the toilet and curse the incoming president as a knife is pointed at his face. Incident was recorded and live streamed on Facebook Live.

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